San Diego Events: The Art Event At La Valencia Hotel + Ticket Giveaway!

Looking to attend some fabulous upcoming San Diego events that are topnotch quality and support a good cause? Look no further!  You’re invited to an exciting, multisensory sunset soiree at ...

Easter Outfit Ideas: 5 Must-Have Trends For A Pretty Sunday Brunch Look

The sun is out and all the beautiful flowers are in bloom – this is the perfect time to break out the newest additions to your closet and combine them ...

Weight Loss Tips: Beware The Dangers Of Eating Fruit For A Bikini Body

With summertime approaching and all of the fresh fruit in stores, you may find yourself quick to reach for that refreshing mango or mouthwatering pineapple, but is that really such ...


Mommy To Be: Post Hospital Shopping List For New Mom And Newborn – Print!

As a mommy to be, the joyous months leading up to your ...

Vegan Recipe: How To Make Gluten-Free Vegetarian Tacos With Chipotle Sauce

With fantastic recipes available to us, such as these Vegetarian Tacos, eating ...

San Diego Events: SD Magazine’s Best Of North County Party April 25th!

San Diego Magazine’s 4th annual “Best of North County” Party will be ...

Weight Loss Tips: How To Lose Tummy Fat For Real

Do you lead an overall healthy lifestyle and pay attention to eating ...

Wardrobe Tips: 10 Spring Fashion Trends We Can’t Wait To Wear!

It’s finally time to put away your coats, scarves, and boots so ...

Style Tips: 3 White Denim Trends To Try This Spring 2014

We are always pumped about finding a new pair of on-trend jeans ...

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11 Bachelorette Party Ideas For A Classy Girl’s Night Out

Every young woman formulates bachelorette party ideas, years before even, her debaucherous “last hoorah” celebration!   Although her wedding day receives just as much and more thought as her bachelorette party, these very important events vary so greatly. But, one thing is the same and that’s the careful planning, styling, and detail that go into both [...]

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What To Pack For Miami…Because This Is Not Miami!

Isn’t it crazy how time creeps up on us?  It’s already time to pack our bags and hit the beaches, discos, day clubs, and shops in the warmest city in the U.S. right now…Miami!  Because, let’s face it, “this…is not…MIAMI!”, so we’ll be flying there for a bit of a warm weekend break away from [...]

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How To Declutter Your Closet For Summer – Purging Tips!

Summer is here, and if you have not had time to conquer your closet yet, there is no better time than now. An unorganized closet can equate to clutter, tardiness, and stress…who has time for that? Your closet is no place for guilt! Every item in your wardrobe should make you feel amazing and proud [...]

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Bride-To-Be Tips: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ENGAGEMENT!!  Our ultimate wedding planning timeline was created just for you, as we’re assuming that you’re probably pretty overwhelmed by the amount of time, work, and overall steps that could possibly be involved with planning not only a wedding, but YOUR WEDDING.  We’re excited just thinking about you because [...]

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Adorable Cracker Recipe: Pretzel Crisps S’mores For Party Favors

Are you hosting a girl’s lunch, bridal shower, Easter Sunday brunch, date night with your cutie, or some other sort of adorable get-together?  As much planning that may go into one of these special events, we’ve got the cutest and easiest party favor ideas for your guests.  Pretzel Crisps, those mouth watering, crispy, cracker chips [...]

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How To Get Fit Fast: Transform your Bikini Body In Just 7 Days

The winter months are rapidly falling behind and the sunny days quickly approaching.  Currently on our minds? Spring break, Coachella (click here for our Coachella Survival Guide), summertime pool parties and poolside BBQ’s.  Alas, some of us feel like maybe we are not quite ready to prance around in our itsy bitsy bikinis. No need [...]

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Yummy Green Juice Recipe For Radiance And Glow

Tired of hopping in the car and driving to the nearest juice bar only to have them put a few fruits and vegetables through the juicer?  Worried that they may be putting more orange and less parsley than your green juice recipe really needs?  Not to worry because you can juice yourself too in the [...]

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Benefits Of Juicing: 3 Things To Avoid When Drinking Juice

Juice bars are popping up left and right in San Diego and beyond because drinking a fresh juice is the new “in” thing to do for reasons like weight loss and ridding one’s body of all the nasty toxins.  Sounds great, but, are juices really that good for your health?  While there are many benefits [...]

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Hair Tips For Greasy Hair: 5 Dry Shampoos That Really Work

Every girl’s worst nightmare is not having enough time to wash her hair, being forced to make do with a greasy mess that was once her hair. Don’t let greasy hair get the best of your morning! Fortunately, we have an awesome solution to your problem that doesn’t include a messy top knot. Dry shampoo [...]

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Blazers For Women: 4 Fashionable Ways To Wear Equestrian Riding Jackets

We’re taking a modern twist on equestrian riding jackets this season and we’re excited to show you how to incorporate the classic British blazers for women into your fashionable lifestyle. Not only is there a hunt coat to fit every body type, but also the tailoring of equestrian-inspired blazers seems to flatter everyone. Even better, [...]

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