Fashion Meets The Future

Cellist, P.I., Socialite, Fashion Snob, and Bohemian, Lisa Price lives in a world of Couture, Warhol, Cupcakes, Music, and Choo’s…

A perfect dress you can’t wear again, a bank statement you’d rather not look at until the end of next year, and no money left over to buy another perfect dress for the next event…next weekend!

Lisa has posted the most informative news regarding which fashion apps you NEED, the fashion sites you MUST know about for wealth creation (or sustainability), and HOW to access the world’s 1st Pop Up Shop on iPhone ever (she’ll tell you how you can get in without an iPhone too)!  Find out all about the best of the best in tech and fashion by reading her awesome blog post on LisaPriceInc.

This is such a great time to organize and showcase your wardrobe for all to see, don’t miss out!

Love It Or Lose It - Fashion App For iPhone Similar To The Movie Clueless!

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Author:Gretchen Hackmann

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