JET SET: Check-In At The Biltmore

We’re finally here.  Miami, Florida has greeted us with rich blue skies, sun, and lovely ambiance.  Although the Biltmore Hotel is nestled deep within Coral Gables – aka this is NO South Beach – it has much to offer its guests.  So now that you know we aren’t here to spend our nights at the nightclub, but rather to get some R&R, martinis, and some quality parties on the terrace, we hope you enjoy our Biltmore stay.

Checking in at The Biltmore Hotel

Gorgeous large hallways... can't wait to see the room!

Bags arriving soon

Delighted by blue skies

The back of the hotel is by far the most beautiful!

Discovering the outdoor patio

This is where the parties will take place this weekend!

Soaking it up!

Terrace time!

Britt's pretty nails squeezing part of my dress for Saturday...!

Finishing up with "Spicy Cucumber Martinis"

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Author:Gretchen Hackmann

Gretchen spots the latest and greatest things to do in San Diego, showcases the "it" places, recommends what to do and what to wear, and most importantly provides valuable insider tips to her readers. She loves to set trends and push the boundaries - whether in her style, beauty, health, and/or life. Get the insider scoop and follow Gretchen on Twitter: @Nubry
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  • Gretchen Torrey

    Looks like you two had an amazing time! 

    • Thhee Gretchen Hackmann

      We missed u Gretchen #2! NExt time, we should all rendezvous!

  • PR

    Love it, Gretchen. Come back soon. @BiltmoreHotel:disqus 

    • Thhee Gretchen Hackmann

      Thanks Biltmore Hotel!

  • Catherine

    And now I want to go on vacation. :)

    I love your nails and lip color! Can you share what they are?

    • Thhee Gretchen Hackmann

      Hi Catherine – thx!!
      Britt’s nail color is: SHELLAC “gotcha”
      My lip color is: COVERGIRL “enchantress”