What To Wear To A Polo Match

With summer polo season well underway, our Sundays are way more fun than they used to be. Who attended #SundayFunDay “Opening Day” at their polo club? We sure did! We’re here to heavily promote your attendance at these ultra suave horse games, not only because they involve drinking vino all afternoon (this is true) but also because they are high fashion social events that attract the most stylish ladies and gents in town.  Sounds like a blast, right? Totally is!

Now down to the nit and grit of it…what to wear to a polo match? (By the way, this isn’t the races…significant difference!) We recommend pretty sun dresses in floral prints or clean white, long silk maxi dresses, dresses or skirts with short-front long-back hems, vibrant or pastel hues, wide brim hats – not the ones that Kate Middleton wears to events in England, but rather the kind that Beyonce sports in St. Barts – and of course, statement sunglasses that turn heads.

Regarding shoes, never NEVER wear stilettos. Stilettos are for those who don’t know any better. Pull out your summer wedges or slip your feet into embellished sandals.  You see, the polo games take place on grass…which grows atop dirt, which means if you arrive in stilettos you will sink into the ground with each step and people will stare. Another reason why you will want a flat soled shoe is because at half-time you get to parade into the middle of the polo field for “divot stomping” – an event that enables you to stomp grass back into the dirt that the horses kicked up during the game. It’s really fun!

Below, we’ve put together some style photos from Opening Day at The San Diego Polo Club in Rancho Santa Fe, California to inspire you to dress up for the next polo game in Bridgehampton, Westchester, Meadowbrook, Las Colinas, Oak Brook, Palm Beach, Myopia, Santa Maria, Eldorado, or Chantilly. Leave a comment below with your favorite look and definitely tweet us a pic of your outfit from the next polo match you attend.

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A well-dressed gent – dress slacks, button-down shirt, and aviators

Drink tickets!

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

Long black maxi dress with matching sandals and fedora

A big statement hat to shade from the sun

The vino flows as the game goes

light bites – cheese, cracker, and fruit platter

A pair of statement Chanel sunnies

Herve Leger bandage dress – always a classic!

view from the VIP tent – fashion show at half-time

heading onto the polo field for “divot stomping”

wide brim hats are so necessary!

Ladies wearing printed dresses

Bright floral dress and wide brim hat

Body con dresses with oversized sun hats

Cream fringe poncho

Ladies wearing silk bright floral dresses with cool shades

Pretty pink floral dress with matching pink wide brim hat

Short summer-y dresses

Embellished sandals to complement pretty dresses

Ruffled white skirt, complemented by bright Balenciaga clutch and croc belt


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  • Veronica Melkonian

    Ahh this has made me excited for Polo in the Park next weekend! Would love to hear what you think of my outfit for the polo:



  • http://www.spurbe.com/ Spurbe

    That ruffled white skirt is amazing, I have a exact same one in black color, looks great with white top.

  • http://www.lux-sky.org/others.html LuxurySky

    Looks like you had a great time!

    • http://nubry.com Gretchen Hackmann

       Yes, we had a blast! Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

  • Juliette-97

    ´Thank you so much! I had no idea what to wear to my first polo game, I´m going to wear something like you were wearing, it´s so cute!

    • http://nubry.com Gretchen Hackmann

      @831c0552e445e103b514154bfee79780:disqus Its definitely stressful to get dressed for the 1st polo game, so don’t worry! Are you going to be wearing a long dress?

  • Chris Moyles

    fuck polo

  • http://thatsaprettyhat.blogspot.com/ Thatsaprettyhat

    Great selection of photos. I like the sundress and wide brim hat look.

    • http://nubry.com Gretchen Hackmann

       @24f4ba92fd451a0cacfb012def301ea7:disqus  thank you! I’m glad you liked these polo fashion pics!