What To Wear In Florida During The Winter Months

It’s the same story each year. Come the winter months of January, February, and March – when its chilly throughout the country – Floridians look forward to getting their outerwear out to enjoy the crisp, Florida air. Winter in Miami and South Florida is definitely an oxymoron, but if there is actually chilly weather in the southern-most state, right now is that time!  Click here to see our Florida Travel Guide for the winter months – what to wear and where to stay!

what to wear winter in miami

what to wear winter in Miami

While there is no hope for a Moncler puffer, Brunello Cucinelli light cashmere sweaters hued in winter white can be perfect options for outerwear during Floridian winter.  There are several on trend items that you can wear during a Florida winter that will prove you’ve watched the news or Weather Channel – no tank tops and sandals here!  For a look at how the jetset stayed chic during Art Basel Miami, click here.  If you are traveling to Miami the weather may still be close to 80 degrees.  On the West coast of Florida, like Naples and Tampa Bay, the temperature is upwards of 70 degrees.  You can expect cooler temperatures in Northern Florida around Jacksonville.

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Below, we’ve chosen 5 wintery items to add to the Florida crew’s wardrobe that appear to have winter utility.  Key word: Appear.  Our 5 style tips include reversing the layering trend, opting for a multi-material coat like a leather-sleeved trench, a textured jacket or blazer, and accessorizing with a lightweight scarf, booties, and/or patterned tights.


5 Noteworthy Tips To Winterize Your Wardrobe In Florida:

1. Reverse The Layering: We may have white Christmas fantasies, but let’s face it, our Wonderland is never going to be that wintery. While our northeastern counterparts will tell you a thing about bundling up, we recommend bundling a few things out. They have to wear multiple inner layers to weather the cold and the ferocious walks to work. What we’re recommending is doing the exact opposite…Slip on your sleeveless, spaghetti or halter top and layer on top with a light trench. You get the satisfaction of wearing a coat and yet you will not be stuffy.

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Cache Black Leather Sleeve Wool Coat

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Burberry Studded Leather Biker Trench Coat

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Calvin Klein Mixed Media Coat

2. Textured Jackets: Light jackets are a wonderful thing.  They can be made of leather or faux fur, and embellished with sequins, beads, brocade, lace or a combination of multiple materials. We recommend investing in a well-tailored jacket that looks like it was made for your body type. This will be a keeper because you will be able to wear it in more seasons than one and it will make a simple work dress go from professional to Wow! in seconds. It could be bolero – short or long – that although feminine, has androgynous characteristics to it that will cause onlookers to stare.

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Winter in Florida_FP Jacket

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Winter in Florida_AO Jacket

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Winter in Florida_BR Jacket

3. Lightwight Scarf: We have the weather that allows for lighter and graceful textures. Dump the wool and instead embrace silks, prints and even the oh-so-chic Parisian knot on your handbag. This next season is big on bold prints, so go wild! Emerald is the Pantone choice for 2013, so go ahead and be the object of envy by sporting your emerald hues. You can even sneak a knee length shawl in your bag to be all-weather-ready when you need to be!

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Winter in Florida_DRJ Scarf

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Winter in Florida_Codello Scarf

4. Booties: If you’re thinking of tall, long boots, a couple of occasional dress pairs in your wardrobe will suffice, but rather spend your time this winter investing in a pair of booties.  The weather is toe-friendly too, so go all out when you search for open-toe booties. Should it get chillier, then you can sport stockings to shield yourself from the ocean’s wind.

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Winter in Florida_Bebe Bootie

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Winter in Florida_GAP Booties

5. Pattern Tights: With stockings, you can’t go wrong with classic lace or printed black, but nothing says Florida more than a pair of printed stockings.  Pull on some of these stockings and watch heads turn!  Team with a monotone, figure-hugging silhouette to bring out the awesome pattern and those beautiful legs.

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Winter in Florida_Boohoo tights

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Winter in Florida_Heart Tights

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