How To Wear A Baseball Cap With A Dress + Win Emerson Fry Wedge Sandals

We are excited to partner with Emerson Fry for a wedge sandal giveaway and also to show you how to wear the baseball cap trend this spring with a dress.  Emerson Fry is a brand for women who love minimalistic dressing, yet ooze effortless style.  Below, the white, shift, safari-style dress is made sporty with a pair of fun, red, plastic sunglasses and a baseball cap.  Baseball caps are a big trend this season.  Many of the spring/summer 2013 NYFW runways were filled with party dresses paired with baseball caps, even Herve Leger paired their iconic bandage dresses with a baseball cap!   For footwear, I am wearing a pair of neutrally colored Emerson Fry wedge sandals.

Good news! If you like these wedges, you can win the same pair or you can win the same pair in a different color.  And now, the giveaway details…we’ve teamed up with to offer 1 lucky winner a pair of Emerson Fry wedge sandals.  All of the apparel items I am wearing below are from Emerson Fry.


Giveaway Includes: 

*** A Pair of Wedge Sandals of your choice from (Retail Value: $325) ***


How To Enter To Win Nubry + Emerson Fry Giveaway

1. Leave a comment below on this post saying which pair of Emerson Fry wedges you want to win (see the choices here, and also tell us your shoe size.

2. Like Emerson Fry and Nubry on Facebook

3. Enter Giveaway at

4. Pin anything that you like from and mention Nubry and Emersonfry on Pinterest.


How To Wear A Baseball Cap With A Dress

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How to wear a baseball cap with a dress

How to wear a baseball cap with a dress

SHOP GRETCHEN’S DRESS: Emerson Fry Safari Dress – $325



SHOP GRETCHEN’S SUNGLASSES: 2 pairs of Emerson Fry Red & White Funglasses – $58

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SHOP GRETCHEN’S CAP: Emerson Fry Baseball Cap – $38



SHOP GRETCHEN’S WEDGES: Emerson Fry Orange Off white Wedges – $325

emerson fry wedge sweepstakes pic 600x600










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    I would love the Caramel in a size 7.5

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    i liked both emerson fry and nubry on FB – julie.reuter1

  • nosogirl

    I like the orange and off white wedges in size 8.

  • Pam Garris

    I think the flatform-black leather are neat, would like to win them size 8

  • Alice Spence

    wish I could look that good in a ball ca & a dress

  • Lacy Tree

    Caramel Leather, Size 5.5! All tasks completed! :)

  • Georgina Vinas

    All done! My favorites are the VHEEL SLINGBACK – MARIGOLD in 6.5
    FB: Georgina Vinas Navarro

  • Geraldyne

    I love the CUFF HEEL – OFF-WHITE LEATHER Size 6.5

    I like Emerson Fry and Nubry on Facebook and have entered the Giveaway

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    I’d love to win the Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather in size 41!

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    I want to win the Black Leather Wedges :)

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    love the Ankle strap nude leather size 7! Wowwww

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    Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather or the Flatform – Orange Leather!
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    i love these: and my size is a 9!

    i like Emerson Fry and Nubry on Facebook and have entered the Giveaway at

  • The Ruby Red Apron

    flatform khaki leather, size 8

  • Tammy Matthews

    The beautiful Paula Loafer Flats in Khaki Leather, size 9, are my choice.
    Thank you! T Matthews

  • Alice Wu

    I love the Cuff Heel in Off-White Leather!
    I’m a size 6.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    - Alice

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    I love the Flatform – Orange Leather in size 9.

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  • Sharon Siqueiros

    Entered on the other site

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    Your look is so cool & fun!!!
    I’m lovin’ the Caramel leather wedges Euro-38 or American-7.5*8
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Mary B

    Carmel Leather Emerson Fry wedge in 8D

  • Rose Holloway


  • Courtney Perkins

    I love the camel leather wedge! :) size 9.5! they’d be perfection this summer.

  • Samantha Tedesco

    I love the Ankle strap nude leather size 7

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    Wedge orange-off white leather size7.5

  • Asshly Rondon

    Love this Wedge caramel leather Size size 7

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    Wedge in black leather 10M

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    Entered on their website as well. :)

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    Like you both on facebook. Name- Jenn Last.

  • nicolthepickle

    I like the Orange Off White wedges, although they’re all nice, and I’m a size 8.
    Your dress baseball cap combination does work! I think wearing heels with it helps too. I would try it.

  • Rose Becker

    I have pinned on pinterest and liked on facebook. I already mentioned the ones that I wanted earlier.

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  • Rachel Yesner

    I love to outfit, very sporty chic. I would love the wedges in black leather, they would go with everything. Perfect for my new job! I’m a size 6 (or 36).

  • Camille Claussen

    Love Love Love the Caramel wedges in a size 7! xoxoxo

  • Jennifer Bussiere

    Smoking loafer, orange leather size 9.5

  • Moira Wolf

    love the orange and white in a 7 :)

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    The orange off white leather wedges are everything!!! size 8.5 :)

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    I love the orange and white ones shown in size 7.5 :)

  • Jacqueline L

    I like the Caramel Leather, size 8.

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  • Christine Presto

    I would actually pick the same ones that the model is wearing! Side 8.5/39

  • Leanna French

    Wedge-Orange-Off-White Leather (same as featured in the post)! Shoe size is 7/37

  • Leanna French

    Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather! (Same as featured in your post)

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    Black Leather 8.5

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    I like Navy green flat form- size 7

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    Black Leather 6.5!

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    Caramel Leather, please! Size 7.5!

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    Love the Black ones in a size 7!

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    The caramel in a size 6.5. Thanks.

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    Love all the wedges! I’d probably want the caramel ones in a size 8 or 8.5. :)

  • Louise Frierson

    Great Wedges, I would love to win a pair

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    Flatform, black leather, size 41, would be very nice…

  • Ashley

    A size 39 in the carmel wedge would be wonderful.

  • Elaine

    Good enough for man- but made for a woman.

  • Debbie Lee

    I love the orange and off white wedges! (in size 8.5)

  • Eustacia Miliusis

    I like the black leather wedge! Size 10.

  • Pauline Smith

    Shoes are stunning – so is everything she is wearing! I’m a size 9 and in need of some gorgeousness!

  • Katie

    I would love the orange/off-white ones! My shoe size is 7.5

  • Kelly Commerford

    Black Leather Wedges/Size 7. I am in lust with these.
    Completed all requirements to enter the contest…you guys rock, thanks!

  • Boop

    The orange off-white ….size 7 US!

  • Candace

    Would love the caramel wedge in 40!

  • Kellie Wilson

    Love the Black Leather Flatform!!

  • Dana

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  • Eric

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  • Eric

    It would be a lovely gift to my wife for Mother’s day! She might like the ones you are wearing because of the colors. Thanks for the chance. Her shoe size is 39.

  • Mariam

    Those wedges are t live for! A must-have in my collection. I love the ones you are wearing!

    Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather size 38.

  • Doris

    OMG! I love the

    Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather. size 39.

  • Chesa Stanfield

    i pinned a top from emerson fry and mentioned nubry

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  • Chesa Stanfield

    caramel leather wedge- 6.5

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    Caramel leather wedge

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    ohhhh… leather size 8

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    The Caramel Wedges are so cute and would go with anything. I already have the perfect dress to go with them. Size 8 please!

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    I love the orange off white leather wedges in size 7(37),Thank you.

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    Entered at at

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    I’d love to win the orange off white leather wedges in size 8

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    Caramel Leather Wedges size 9 ! Did all steps to qualify :)

  • Chantelle James

    Hard choice. I love the orange and off white as well as the caramel, size 10.

  • Beverly Payton

    Absolutely adore the EF Trainer – Nude – Suede in size 9!!

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    liked both on fb: Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

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  • Judy H

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  • Terri Ryan

    Wedge Caramel Leather size 37. Thank you!

  • Manuel Vizcaya


  • Dayna W

    I like black wedges!! I’m a 6.5- or a 7.

    Thanks again, ladies, you’re the best :)

  • Christine H

    I absolutely LOVE the Wedge – Orange-Off-White Leather! I would die if I won these. I’m a size 8.5 just incase!

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    Flatform – Orange Leather

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    i would love the

    Flatform – Navy-Green Leather in size 39

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    I like the orange and off white leather size 8

  • Neeharika Ilavala
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    i like the wedge black leather size 8

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    Flatform Blck leather – size 7

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    Black trainers size 6.5

  • Emilia Turner

    wedge camel caramel size 8.5

  • jm

    EF Trainer – Black Suede size womens 11

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    The orange-off-white leather. Size 10 for me!

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    definitely the carmel leather wedge.

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    I entered the giveaway at

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    The Orange-Off-White Leather wedges in size 8

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    Love love the Wedge Orange Off White Leather, size 8 :)

    -entered the giveaway
    -FB: Ella C. Parker
    - pinned
    - voted for you guys :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Neeharika Ilavala

    I voted for Britt & Gretchen Hackmann. You guys ROCK! XO

    neeha dot ilavala at gmail dot com

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  • Neeharika Ilavala

    Love the Orange-Off-White wedge in Size 8. WOuld die for it! XO

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    • Nubry

      thank you so much!!