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Gloss Moderne Is Clean Luxury For Your Hair

You’ve likely heard of it from someone before, “use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner because they’re better for you”, but didn’t really take it to heart because seriously though, how dangerous can your highly marketed, popular brand of shampoo/conditioner really be?  Gloss Moderne has set out to offer customers what they call “clean luxury” — a hair collection that is 100% sulfate-free and paraben-free — because of the tremendous health problems that accompany products containing such harsh chemicals.

gloss moderne sulfate free paraben free shampoo conditioner

Gloss Moderne offers 100% sulfate free + paraben free haircare collection.

Find out why it is vital for your health to choose sulfate-free + paraben-free hair products plus learn more about the dangers of parabens and sulfates in your body and how switching to products like Gloss Moderne will lead to a healthier, toxin-free body.  Lastly, see why we fell in love with Gloss Moderne after just 1 use.


Gloss Moderne Haircare Is Clean Luxury

Parabens, a preservative found in the majority of cosmetic and hair products, is used to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold in products.  These parabens have estrogen-like properties that have been linked to breast cancer and male breast growth.  Additionally, parabens are known to decrease muscle mass and increase fat storage.  They are cheap and thus companies use them quite readily.  Go check out your bottles and see how many of them include this nasty preservative.

Sulfates are present in nearly all shampoos, scalp treatments, hair color and bleaching agents, toothpastes, body washes and cleansers, make-up foundations, liquid hand soaps, laundry detergents and bath oils/bath salts, as they cause products to appear nicer and thicker, such as that rich and foamy lather in your shampoo that enables you to use less product and get that “clean” feeling.  Sulfates function as surfactants (water and oil-soluble compounds) that foam and emulsify greasy substances when combined with water.  Hence, the clean feeling.  They are regulated as a pesticide!  Sulfates are known to cause eye and skin irritation, damage and dry hair, cause hair color to fade fast, and strip essential oils.  Go check out your bottles and see how many of them include this nasty ingredient.  Look for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

We are absolutely obsessed with Gloss Moderne haircare because not only is it 100% sulfate-free and paraben-free, it is also rich in coconut, almond and rum which creates a sensual, intoxicating fragrance reminiscent of the French Riviera.  Their gentle, deeply moisturizing formula creates super shiny, soft, and happy hair. Try out the High Gloss Masque by Gloss Moderne for instant gratification and unbelievable shine.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body as well as the thinnest so any product that comes into contact with the skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream immediately.  Over time, chemicals found in your hair and beauty products will accumulate in your body and lead to toxic build up including developmental and reproductive toxicity and possible mutations that have been proven to lead to cancer in the long run.   I was shocked to find that a natural deodorant I was using includes sodium lauryl sulfate!  Natural my a**!!  Do yourself a favor and eliminate the toxic products in your cabinet…our bodies can only handle so much polution!

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