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Hair Tips For Greasy Hair: 5 Dry Shampoos That Really Work

Every girl’s worst nightmare is not having enough time to wash her hair, being forced to make do with a greasy mess that was once her hair. Don’t let greasy hair get the best of your morning! Fortunately, we have an awesome solution to your problem that doesn’t include a messy top knot. Dry shampoo is pretty much considered magic in the girl world because it prolongs the life of a bombshell blowout, rids your roots of unwanted oil stat, adds sexy texture and volume, but best of all—dry shampoo lessens styling time for those mornings you’re hitting snooze more than once. What more could you ask for?

Greasy Hair Products - dry shampoo

Cure greasy hair with dry shampoo! See below for the best products out there…

If you haven’t yet jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon, we highly suggest you get yourself a can of this miracle product pronto! Whether you’re a skeptic, soon-to-be first-timer, or a serious dry shampoo junkie, we’ve got you covered with all of the best dry shampoos on the market.

Check out our favorite no-fail picks that will work for every hair type.  Below, we have included the best of the best, each product benefiting your hair in different ways. Some dry shampoos cater to the color of your hair. Lucky for all brunettes out there, you no longer have to suffer through white residue on your roots.

For fine hair, you need a dry shampoo that won’t weigh down your hair too much, so we’ve even featured a dry shampoo with a not-so-heavy spritz that will allow you to keep all your volume. If you suffer from serious bed head and your hair is needing a little pick-me-up, then a volumizing dry shampoo is what you need.

Lastly, we’ve simplified where you can buy the best dry shampoos for greasy hair to Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and your local drugstore.

greasy hair - dry shampoo products for all hair

Use dry shampoo to give your hair sexy volume in less than 5 minutes.


5 Dry Shampoos To Fix Your Greasy Hair

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo – one of the best drugstore options on the market. When they say “blondes have more fun” they must be referring to dry shampoo, because brunettes can have trouble hiding all the white residue that dry shampoos can leave behind. We particularly love that it comes in different shades—dark-haired ladies don’t have to worry about excess powder being visible! Nothing is worse than rushing through your morning and missing some dry shampoo, leaving residue behind, and letting the world know you’ve been having a rough morning. If you have dark hair and can’t conceal your white dry shampoo as well as blondes can, then this is the product for you. It’s an all-around lovely option for under $10. This item can also be found at Urban Outfitters.

SHOP THIS DRY SHAMPOO: Batiste Dry Shampoo – $8

Greasy Hair_Batiste Dry Shampoo

2. Macadamia Dry Shampoo not everyone is blessed with a full head of beautifully thick, “real or extensions?” hair. Realistically, girls will take all the volume they can get for a fuller, bouncier look. This product is great for those of us with hair on the finer side because it’s lighter than most dry shampoos. While it absorbs all the icky grease from your roots, it works it’s magic without weighing down your hair, leaving your second-day hairstyle looking refreshed and voluminous.

SHOP THIS DRY SHAMPOO: Macadamia Natural Oil Volumizing Dry Shampoo – $25
Greasy Hair_Macadamia Vol Dry Shampoo

3. Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo – who wouldn’t want their hair smelling like mango coconut?!  This virtually translucent dry shampoo is sold at Sephora and is designed to absorb oil and impurities to extend the life of your blowout. Just remember to spray with caution, as less is sometimes more. Does mango coconut not sound so appealing? Well you’re in luck, because this product also comes in a sheer blossom scent that is the definition of fresh and flirty.

SHOP THIS DRY SHAMPOO: Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo – $22Greasy Hair_Alterna Cleanse Extend

4. Prêt-à-Powder by Bumble and Bumble – for those of us that live a green lifestyle, aerosol cans are a no-no. We don’t want to harm the Earth while we spray our hair with chemicals. The new prêt-à-powder by Bumble and Bumble is an amazing new natural way to apply a dry shampoo. Because this product has 1 tiny hole to extract product, you can control where and how much you are applying to your hair. This product is ideal for a head of hair that’s missed a wash or two. This must-have powder will leave your hair looking clean, fresh, and healthy.

SHOP THIS DRY SHAMPOO: Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder – $26

Greasy Hair_Bumble and Bumble

5. Lush ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo – some of us shouldn’t wash our hair everyday because it’s fine and chemically treated. Lush ‘No Drought’ dry shampoo is a great option! Girls are constantly putting their hair through hell with dyes, heat, and breakage. This product is the ultimate damage control because powder is being applied in place of the usual chemicals. Greasy hair has met it’s match with this one, ladies! Oh, and did we mention this is a great product to pack in your bags for music festival season?! Your hair will look like you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to take a shower during your jam-packed weekend extravaganza.

 SHOP THIS DRY SHAMPOO: Lush ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo – $13.95Greasy Hair_Lush No Drought.jpeg

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