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Make Up Natural: The Best Organic Beauty Brands On The Market

Nowadays, almost every gal is looking for make up that’s natural and organic because it’s better for our skin and decreases breakouts or reactions. Many beauty brands, both new and old, have wonderful make up natural products available that are not only good for our skin, but also look good when applied. Make-up that looks good and is good for me as well? Sign me up!

Find out the best organic beauty brands on the market – below!

Since make up natural is what’s “in” right now and probably for much time to come, more and more natural cosmetic products have been popping up to serve women who are conscious as to what they put on their face —  great news!

Below, we’ve showcased the best natural makeup brands on the market!  Next time you’re shopping for a new eyeshadow color or a better foundation, try out one of these organic make up brands — they will not disappoint!  From Physicians Formula and Ecco Bella to Pure & True  and Origins, these beauty brands are organic, animal cruelty-free, and contain no ingredients that can be bad for your skin or cause breakouts. The natural makeup brands below will  leave your skin looking radiant, beautiful, and feeling better than it has ever felt before! Hallelujah!  Seriously though, what else could you ask for from your make up?


Make Up Natural: The Best Organic Beauty Brands Right Now

1. Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is especially made for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. This brand offers products that promise to cover imperfections and reveal a beautiful and even complexion. Their products are also easy-to-use and organic and the prices can’t be beat!

2. Ecco Bella

This brand emerged as a protest to animal testing. Ecco Bella boosts to having products that are multi-purpose, anti-aging, and anti-blemishing. They are also free of having gluten, water, preservatives and dyes.

3. Pure & True

Pure & True products want to promote the health and beauty of people by being composed of organic and natural ingredients. It has green and sustainable packaging options, and they give back to social and charity projects so your money goes to a good cause.

4. Origins

Origins create high-performance natural skincare that uses potent plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils. Origins also have products that special in anti-aging and firming the skin.

5. Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics has natural and certified organic, bioactive botanicals that ensure that their products are safe for your skin and your body. Their products highly-pigmented and last longer than other cosmetics and are also free of any synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fillers found in other traditional cosmetics. They’re even a proud sponsor of The Breast Cancer Fund’s ‘Compact for Safe Cosmetics’!

6. 100% Pure

100% Pure has no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins in their products, and they are also animal cruelty free. Their products also smell absolutely delicious since they’re made from real fruit, pure essential oils, and essential absolutes.

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