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HAIR TUTORIAL: Styling A Messy Bun With Soft Headband For Bad Hair Days

Some days, no matter what you try to do, you just have bad hair! A cute way to style your hair on these bad hair days, whether frizz and wildness or dullness and flatness, is to put a cute, neutral toned headband in your hair and then proceed to tie your ends up in a messy, oversized bun. The bun will look cute and office appropriate because of the decorative hair piece that you use. Not only is a bun a cute way to wear your hair, it’s super trendy among style bloggers and celebrities right now too!

Below, we show you how to create a large, messy bun combined with a matching hair-colored headband that is work appropriate and stylish for any event! We are especially excited about the ultra feminine and comfortable headband we used by Bitty Baby Bands because it features a soft, delicate looking flower, with ornate beading and feather details. Actually, Bitty Baby Bands headbands, designed and handmade by Kris Tsiros, were originally designed with babies and small children in mind so that they would be soft and not give them a headache. Love it!

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Leave a comment below or tweet us @nubry and tell us how you like our messy bun. What do you do on superbad hair days? Tell us your secrets!

How to Style A Messy Bun With A Soft Headband For Bad Hair Days:

– All you need is a hairband and headband for this look. If your hair is very soft or fine, you will want to secure the headband with a few bobby pins –

Before: Messy Hair

Before: Yes, it is really messy

Put on the headband

SHOP THIS HEADBAND: Bitty Baby Band – Peach Feather & Brown

Hair already looks better, simply with the addition of the headband

Hold hair in hand like a pony tail

Hold the excess part of your pony tail cupped in your right (or dominant) hand

With the cupped hair still in hand, add your hair at the top of your pony tail by freeing your left hand. Take the hair elastic from your right wrist and wrap around the ball of hair.

Twist the hair elastic and tie around the bun

The result is a messy bun. You can now pull the hair depending on if you want a higher or lower bun

Grasp a chunk of hair on either side of the bun in each hand and pull up for a higher bun. This will also help to tighten the bun so that it stays tight.

If you prefer a lower bun, you can pull down on the pieces of hair in the bun

After: A Messy bun and headband

If you pull down on pieces of hair in the bun, your messy bun can be more relaxed. We like to let the pieces of hair fall out on their own for a more relaxed, effortless look.

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