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17 Tips On How To Look Pretty For Holiday Parties Beauty tips and tricks

17 Tips And Tricks On How To Look Pretty For The Holidays

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The holiday season is for falling in love, spending quality time with family, pretty sparkly things, fur boleros, and a peppermint martini.  Before jumping into your party dress and putting on your routine makeup for your holiday parties, check out our tips on how to look pretty – we mean extra, extra pretty!  That’s not all, we’ve also included some tricks on saving time during the holiday season (because there’…

fall nail colors 2014 - opening ceremoney blue

5 Fall Nail Colors That Are Vegan And Oh-So-Trendy

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Fall is officially here which means we’re fully committed to enjoying our pumpkin spice everythings as well as bedazzling our nails in the latest fall nail colors for 2014.  This season, we’re especially interested in vegan nail polishes that are not only vibrant and long-lasting, but also free of harmful toxins or “5-free”. What’s 5-free?  5-free is a polish-world term that means a nail polish does not contain the big…

deep berry lips - fall makeup trends 2014 - carolina herrera

Fall Makeup Trends 2014: The Berry Lip And How To Wear It

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One of the most beautiful fall makeup trends 2014 is the deep berry lip. Seen at Carolina Herrera’s fall/winter ’14 show, the deep berry lip can be achieved with a myriad of lip products such as the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for a sheer and natural berry lip or the Marc Jacob’s Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick for a bold and opaque berry lip. Fall’s statement lip color, berry with…

Suki waterhouse brunette

Suki Waterhouse And 9 Other Celebs Who Went From Blonde To Brunette

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Do blondes really have more fun? Well, Suki Waterhouse — Bradley Cooper’s 22 yr old girlfriend — and 9 other at one time blonde celebrity ladies (below) should have the answer to that question!  Changing your hair color from blonde to brunette or brunette to blonde can be really exciting and will change your whole look instantly.  While changing one’s hair color so drastically is quite tempting, the one thing…

shaggy mens hairstyles

Shaggy Mens Hairstyles — As Seen On Julien Chabbott And Orlando Bloom

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Wondering what to tell your man when he tells you next week that it’s that time again to get his bimonthly hair cut?  Tell him, “No!”  The hottest mens hairstyles as of late are all described by adjectives like long, shaggy, tousled, loose, and effortless — ohhh yes!  Although shaggy hair for men is trending right now, the men’s ponytail is definitely a goal to strive for as a male…

makeup for working out - best workout makeup

10 Reasons Why It’s OK To Wear Workout Makeup To The Gym

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Do you wear makeup when you workout? Or, perhaps you secretly wear makeup at the gym hoping no one will notice … maybe you don’t wear any at all! Well, there are many reasons why its okay to wear makeup for working out at the gym and we’re going to share a laundry list with you! As fashion and beauty experts, we still weren’t sure if it was okay to…


Summer Hairstyles: How To Style Your Hair For The Heat

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The high temps and intense summer humidity can leave any fabulous gal struggling with what the most ideal summer hairstyles are.  Using a blow dryer is the utmost last thing we want do during the summer heat, and as such, the summer season is the perfect opportunity to give your mane a break from all the styling!  Hello beach waves, long loose hair, and messy braid!  Below, we show you…