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makeup for working out - best workout makeup

10 Reasons Why It’s OK To Wear Workout Makeup To The Gym

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Do you wear makeup when you workout? Or, perhaps you secretly wear makeup at the gym hoping no one will notice … maybe you don’t wear any at all! Well, there are many reasons why its okay to wear makeup for working out at the gym and we’re going to share a laundry list with you! As fashion and beauty experts, we still weren’t sure if it was okay to…


Summer Hairstyles: How To Style Your Hair For The Heat

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The high temps and intense summer humidity can leave any fabulous gal struggling with what the most ideal summer hairstyles are.  Using a blow dryer is the utmost last thing we want do during the summer heat, and as such, the summer season is the perfect opportunity to give your mane a break from all the styling!  Hello beach waves, long loose hair, and messy braid!  Below, we show you…

Benefit cosmetics boutique- makeup, mirror, beauty

Benefit Cosmetics Boutique Opens In La Jolla For All Your Beauty Needs

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Can we all agree that us ladies love to be pampered and glamorized? Um, yah! Okay, so we’ve found the perfect place to satisfy all your beauty needs and wants and it’s right in the heart of downtown La Jolla, CA. Benefit Cosmetics Boutique, newly opened on Prospect St, is a super adorable and unique beauty boutique offering the best makeup artists and aestheticians in the industry. When you enter…

EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Top 8 Beauty Brands For Women Of Color

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Women of color have always faced a great challenge when trying to buy makeup. For a long time many makeup brands did not cater to women of different ethnicities so it was very difficult to find makeup that matched their skin color. Because of this, many women turned to Fashion Fair, one of the first brands to provide makeup for women of color. Beauty brands everywhere are now realizing the…

not sleeping enough - sleep tips

Suffering From Sleep Deprivation? Learn To Beautify While Getting Sleep

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We all know that getting a good night of sleep is important — no one likes feeling tired from sleep deprivation!  However, most gals don’t realize that sleep deprivation can get in the way of leading an optimal, beautiful, and healthy life.  Lack of sleep can impact us more than you probably ever realized — from causing us to get fat by overeating, drinking more coffee if we’re tired, and even…

summer lipstick colors 2014 - hottest lip shades for this season

Makeup Tips: 5 Summer Lipstick Colors You Need To Wear This Season

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There are so many great things that summer has to offer — think bbq’s, pool parties, bikinis, tans, and more — so why not wear lipstick to match the heat by wearing the hottest new summer lipstick colors!? This summer 2014 beauty products offer fabulous new lipstick shades that are sure to make a splash with women everywhere. With summer lipstick hues like bright pink, radiant red, bold orange, subtle…

make up natural - brands and products

Make Up Natural: The Best Organic Beauty Brands On The Market

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Nowadays, almost every gal is looking for make up that’s natural and organic because it’s better for our skin and decreases breakouts or reactions. Many beauty brands, both new and old, have wonderful make up natural products available that are not only good for our skin, but also look good when applied. Make-up that looks good and is good for me as well? Sign me up! Since make up natural…