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halo top healthy ice cream

A Healthy Ice Cream That Tastes Amazing?

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Sometimes ice cream is just something you need!  We hear ya.  And in terms of healthy ice cream, there are now lactose-free, coconut, almond, low cal, sugar-free, and fat free ice creams available in grocery freezers. Some, however, are still very high calorie and many of the healthy versions simply taste awful.  But not to worry!  We’ve found a healthy ice cream that tastes great and is 60 to 70…


Beauty Products With Probiotics For Skin Is A Thing

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Lauren Conrad has been applying a greek yogurt mask to her face for years for its probiotic benefits. How does this work?  Probiotics or live cultures found in yogurt are known to reduce inflammation and wrinkles when applied directly to the skin.  Now with the help of celebrity doctors, beauty products formulated with probiotics for skin is a thing and they can be found in hydrating creams, exfoliating masks and…

improve your skin with these beauty tips

Improve Your Skin In 4 Steps With This Beauty Hydration Process

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After the winter, your skin may have become dull due to the environment and dry air.  With summertime beauty and natural makeup time just around the corner, it’s high time to improve your skin and its complexion. How? Simply by hydrating.  Hydration is different from a moisturizer, which seals your skin and maintains the existing hydration levels.  Hydration serums and hydration masks will help to pump life back into your…

how to look beautiful with no makeup - gigi hadid

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

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If you’re a snooze button pusher, it’s likely you have little to no time in the mornings to apply makeup.  Well, when you don’t have time, you shouldn’t have to wish you could hide under the duvet all day. There are easy ways to enhance your natural beauty and look beautiful without makeup with little fuss or foundation.  Take model off duty cues from Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who…

Invisalign boosts confidence

How A Perfect Smile From Invisalign Boosts My Confidence

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More than 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted a perfect smile in hopes that it would boost my confidence.  I looked into veneers, a cosmetically appealing procedure whereby your actual teeth are grinded down and a fake, perfect set of teeth are attached.  I found this to be a costly option at more than $1,000 per tooth and perhaps not my favorite choice as I would be taking…

the lancer method beauty routine

All You Need In Your Beauty Routine Are These 3 Skincare Products

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Are you overly burdened with beauty products in your cabinet? And, the area underneath your sink is sort of like a black hole that you wish would just disappear? The good news is, you don’t need a gazillion products for your skin in your daily beauty routine, so sayonara black hole!  In fact, according to Dr. Lancer, Beverly Hills-based renowned dermatologist, you only need three. Say what!?  His 3-step Lancer…

selfie stick better photos- selfie on a stick

This 1 Trick Will Help You Take Better Selfies

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Selfies are so commonplace now.  Yes, it took a little while to come out of our selfie shells, but thanks to Kim K and sis Kylie Jenner, they’re now commonplace and the somewhat awkward lip puckering slash head tilt can be seen anywhere from the solo Starbucks customer to the passenger next to you on the airplane to the driver in traffic, #trafficmademedoit.  Now that we’re out of the closet,…