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sexual intimacy - relationship tips

Relationship Tips: 11 Easy Ways To Improve Sexual Intimacy

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Our hectic lives can easily get in the way of building an intimate relationship with our partner.  But even with our busy lives, it is possible (and necessary) to have amazing sexual intimacy with our man — and it’s actually so much easier than you think!  If you crave a passionate relationship and yearn for intimacy, then girl, go get it!   Appreciation and being adored are all feelings that we…

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11 Sexy Thoughts That Will Seriously Heat Up Your Relationship

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We all daydream and allow our minds to wander with sexy thoughts, sometimes second guessing ourselves and pushing our sexual fantasies away.  But love and romance are an art and us gals hold the key to ignite the passion in a relationship to make it happen.  If we allow our imaginations to run wild, our relationships will be hot and breathtaking.  Don’t blush ladies, it’s okay to allow your imagination…

how to get overnight bikini body - angels

10 Easy Ways To Get An Overnight Bikini Body

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The summer season is in full swing with the 4th of July upon us on Friday!  These summer months are the time of year centered around endless pool parties, beach days, and trips to the lake — all of which require an itsy bitsy bikini, fabulous bikini body, adorable sun dresses, and short shorts.  If you spent your winter working hard in the gym and sticking to a healthy diet,…

diet tips - bathroom scale is enemy - weight loss

Diet Tips: Is The Bathroom Scale Really Your Worst Enemy?

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We’ve got some really great diet tips for you that involve something quite unique, your bathroom scale! So you wake up every morning and you stand on your bathroom scale to see how much weight you have lost or gained. If you’ve gained weight, you instantly feel down and proceed to begin your day on a negative note. You think, “I don’t understand what I did wrong, I have been…

Shape your body like Irina Shayk by following our exercise tips below.

How To Lose Fat: Medicine Ball Slams And The Thruster For Body Shaping

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When time is tight, getting in a good workout gets harder and harder.  As part of our promise to show you how to lose fat, we’ve put together a short and very efficient workout that involves only 2 exercises: the medicine ball slam and the thruster.  Below, see how to do these full body exercises that not only target the whole body, but also provide a great cardio burn! Once…


How To Lose Fat: 4 Not So Obvious Diet Tips To Get Your Body In Fab Shape

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Girls always want to know how to lose fat and ask, “how do I get rid of ‘this’?” while usually tugging at a little extra something around the side of their waist, butt, thigh, etc.  Unfortunately, there is no way to spot-reduce.  Instead, getting rid of “this” involves working larger regions of one’s body and if worked correctly will lead to an overall body transformation, rather than just “this”. With…

plant based diet mistakes

Sugar Cravings: How To Avoid Terrible Plant Based Diet Mistakes

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If you have been following the latest diet trends, you probably attempted or are attempting a vegan, vegetarian diet, or plant based diet.  For certain body types, a plant based lifestyle can work really well, however, the underlying problem with a non-animal protein diet is that one may experience a blood sugar imbalance due to an overload of too many carbohydrates consumed. It can be difficult, even for people who…