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Taylor Swift Invites Me To Makeover Her Fans

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to do makeup at Tulsa’s BOK Center for the Taylor Swift “Speak Now” Tour, sponsored by COVERGIRL.

Taylor Swift is the new face of COVERGIRL’s NatureLuxe Makeup Line

In January, Taylor (now 21 years old) was named the new face of COVERGIRL’s new NatureLuxe makeup line featuring the new Silk Foundation and Gloss Balm.

Upon arriving, we went through a brief training session and helped set up the adorable COVERGIRL makeup stations. Our goal was to do makeup on as many concert goers as possible in the short 3 hours before the start of the show and to make sure that each girl left with a free COVERGIRL Gloss Balm and a smile!

Doors opened at 5:30 pm and immediately young girls and their moms began swarming the venue.  The lines at the COVERGIRL stations were instantly long and many people waited in line for 30 minutes+ to get their makeup done by me and the other 3 makeup artists.

My Team of makeup Artists did COVERGIRL makeovers at Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” Tour

I worked for 3 straight hours, nonstop, and the time passed so quickly! Working so fast, I applied makeup to 49 girls, who were ages 16 and younger—all obsessed with the pop sensation. They were so excited to see Taylor Swift and knew her song lyrics by heart.

It was so fun to see these young girls so excited about their very first concert—dressed up in tutus and Taylor Swift shirts from the merch booth. I loved seeing their faces light up at the sight of themselves in the lit-up mirror wearing makeup for the very first time!

I remember as a young girl sitting on my mom’s bathroom counter and watching her apply her makeup each morning. I loved how the products could transform the face and am still fascinated to this day! The expressions on the faces of the young girls reminded me of my own.

My love for concerts came from an early age and is also something I will never forget. When my mom took me and my sister to a radio station’s summer music festival, there was something about the crowds of people and watching my favorite musicians perform on stage that was so enthralling. This sparked my love for music and I’ve since seen at least one hundred artists in concert.

I hope the girls at the Taylor Swift concert will remember their first experience of wearing makeup and seeing their favorite artist in concert as fondly as I remember mine.  Even though the COVERGIRL promotion was exhausting, it was a great opportunity to be involved in this event. Do you remember your first experience with makeup? What about your first concert?

I applied COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Makeup to 49 girls <16 years old in 3 hours!

Taylor Swift represents the new COVERGIRL NatureLuxe makeup system – lots of pretty colors and amazing balms!

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Mikala’s love of makeup began at a very young age when she used to watch her mother apply her makeup each day. Her knowledge of skin care that she received during her education in esthetics has greatly improved her skills as a makeup artist and professional esthetician. Mikala has been the makeup artist for multiple photoshoots, weddings, billboards, commercials, and television. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations, taking photography classes, and writes regularly for Nubry. View Mikala's Website: Makeup by Mikala

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