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10 Surefire Ways To Lose TEN Pounds Before New Years Eve

It is my absolute goal to be skinny for New Years Eve 2014 – I don’t want to have a pudgy tummy, water retention, puffy cheeks and fingers, or anything else that would make me feel uncomfortable in my body-con dress or in front of the camera lens.  I’m not being unreasonable, am I?  Yesterday, I came up with a plan to lose 10 pounds in 1.5 days and I’d like to share it with those of you who are on the same mission as me.  Below, I’ve listed 10 surefire ways to get skinny and lose 10 pounds just in time for New Years Eve parties tomorrow night!

Us Grant Hotel - Bivouac - New Years Eve 2014

Heading into The US Grant Hotel – are you joining us here for NYE 2014 Bivouac?


How To Lose 10 Pounds Before New Year’s Eve

1. Workout Today – get your a** to the gym and work your abs, arms, thighs. Focus on short bursts of high intensity and do 4 reps per exercise.  Don’t stop if you’re tired, push yourself!  You have 1.5 days to show results. Define muscles

2. Don’t Eat Bulk – The only way to drop weight quick and see results is by cutting out the bulk.  Head to your local Wholefoods juice bar and order a fresh pressed beet juice with beets, lemon, ginger, celery, parsley and cayenne pepper (only 1 per day).  For your next meal, enjoy a light salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and lemon juice (no oil or fat or salt). < 2 pounds

3. Steam Room – Detox and get rid of water retention at your gym’s steam room.  After 15 minutes, get out and shower in cold water, then get back in the steam room for 15 minutes and follow again with an ice cold shower.  Your body will feel tight after your last cold shower! < .5 pounds

4. Drink Water – carry a large bottle of water with you, such as Fiji, and drink each minute that you think about eating bulk. Squeeze lemon in your water for added benefit.  Lemon is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. < 1 pound

5. Spray Tan – get an airbrush spray tan tonight so that you have time to wash it off tomorrow morning before the big night!  A spray tan will instantly take 4 pounds off. < 4 pounds

6. Workout Tomorrow – Take a light jog tomorrow morning for 20 minutes.  Follow your jog with 10 pushups, ab exercises that burn the entire time, and 20 squats. Define & Radiance

7. Use Face Slimming Makeup Tricks – Use bronzer and highlighter to give your face the best definition.  Bronzer in the cheekbone and on either side of your nose so that it appears narrower.  Highlight the top of your nose, underneath your eyes, your chin, and right below your eyebrows.  Here’s a wonderful tutorial on how to get high cheekbones and here’s how to apply an entire face of va va voom makeup, as seen at Miss California USA. < .5 pounds

8. Nude or Skin Colored Pumps – If you’re wearing a short dress or skirt for New Year’s Eve, wear a pear of stilettos that are either nude or skin colored.  The heel elongates your leg and gives the appeal of long, lean, skinny legs! < 1 pound

9. Push-Up Bra & Cleavage – Wear your best push-up bra and show cleavage if possible to take attention away from your tummy, hips, or other problem area.  If your boobs are small, wear 2 bras.  Bronzer can be used to define cleavage line.  All eyes will instantly gravitate towards your goods, naturally. Enhance

10. Work Your Angles – Many photographs will be taken tomorrow night and posted following New Years Eve 2014 bash and therefore it is very important to look your best for the camera, because this is how everyone will remember you!  Take a bit of time and analyze your face in the mirror.  How does your smile look – too big, too small? What side of your face is more photogenic?  Would Tyra Banks be proud of your smize? See what works for you, practice, and then perform! < 1 pound

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