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8 Tips To Stay Pretty During The Holidays In Under 30 Minutes

The holidays are so fun with cheerful drinks, gift giving, pretty dresses, velvet, old hollywood glamour and hopefully a little snow! This is such a busy time with so many things to do that it can become stressful and take a toll on your beauty. Let’s be honest, we have to focus on staying pretty during this hustle-bustle time, even when there’s not much time to sleep and stay healthy.


A large percentage of people get engaged between Christmas and New Years Eve! If you think this is your year, you don’t want that surprise to be on one of your “fug” days! Here are 8 quick and easy things to do to make sure you stay glowing and exceptional during the holidays!

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1. Drink lots of water! This will help your skin on your face stay hydrated and glowing.

2. Moisturize your lips: Dry lips is not something you can get rid of immediately. Therefore, keep chapstick, vaseline, or some sort of lubricant on your lips. Be sure to put it on before you go to bed too!


A red lip will make anyone glow!

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3. Put on a facial masque: Doing an at-home face mask can help to reinvigorate your skin. A masque takes 10-20 minutes depending on which one you use. Follow the directions on the bottle.

4. Lipstick and Blush: Do not forget to wear lipstick and blush during the holidays to get a nice glow. Some tips on getting a glow with blush here. Here are some tips on getting a nice red lip. Doesn’t Doutzen Kroes look beautiful with cherry lips?

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5. Try to get a little workout in. Even some at home exercises will make you looking more relaxed and pretty in your face.

6. Avoid salty foods: Salted snacks can make you swell for 24 hours. Avoid salty foods including: chips, fried foods, popcorn, olives, cheese, crackers, and some soups.

cheese plate holidays stay pretty

Avoid the cheese plate because the high salt content will make you unnecessarily swolen!

7. Get a blowout: A professional blow dry is a 30 minute appointment that can give you bouncy hair style that is relaxed and best of all, you don’t have to do it yourself!

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8. Do not drink every night of the week or at least pace yourself. The drinking will catch up with your good looks!

2 Responses

  1. John Mathews

    Great post! Being beautiful is a cumulative process and you have outlined the essentials. I particularly love the part about doing a facial mask. There is nothing like a beautiful facial at home. Facial masks are so relaxing but also offer great natural vitamins and minerals for the skin to keep it radiant, supple, and glamorous!

    • nubry

      Thank you! Definitely a face mask always makes you look 30% better! So worth it for less than 20 min!


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