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5 DIY Summer Porch Decorating Ideas For Ultimate Curb Appeal

Now is the perfect time for summer porch decorating ideas so you can spruce up and update your entrance for the ultimate curb appeal.  Decorating your porch for any season or occasion can seem a bit daunting, but it’s not, and it can be a really fun DIY project alone or with a friend.  Hopefully, our porch makeover tips will provide you inspiration to dive into your very own home decor project.

summer porcha decorating ideas DIY – ultimate curb appeal

We all have a little Martha Stewart in us!  With only a little effort, you’ll be able to throw a festive summer bbq party and you’ll welcome family and friends in style with your updated entrance!

Below, see 5 ways to give your porch a makeover this summer while sticking to a budget.  Tell us which tip is your favorite!

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at and knows how to get ready for any fabulous holiday in style!


DIY Summer Porch Decorating Ideas

1. Paint The Front Door

Give your door a quick coat of bright paint for an instantly rejuvenated look. Make your door stand out by painting it a contrasting color to the frame and side panels. Make sure to get some help e.g. hubby, boyfriend, or male neighbor when painting larger pieces…it pays off every time! With a bit of new paint, your door is sure to be a gorgeous focal point for your porch.

Paint your front door something new for an updated, bright summer look!

2. Decorate Entrance w/ Florals

Whenever we think of summer, flowers come to mind, and what better way to decorate your entrance than with an abundance of colorful, fragrant blossoms?  Planters are a great way to showcase your flowers. From traditional earthen pots to modern galvanized bins, the style you choose can really change the look of your space. Cluster them together on steps or set them up on either side of the door. No matter where you put them, they’re a cheerful staple for any porch decor.

Floral Tip: Hanging flowers add a lot of visual interest to an area. Drawing the eye to new heights, they are a great alternative way to display your beautiful blooms.

Decorate your entrance with flower pots, planters, and hanging flowers.

3. Hang An Eye-Catching Wreath

Welcome your guests during this warm-weather season with a vibrant and gorgeous wreath. When choosing a wreath, make sure to look for one made of sturdy materials that are suited for outdoor use. Incorporate springtime elements such as flowers, birds and other woodland creatures, and have bright colors set against the darker base of green to evoke the feel of summer. It’s the perfect accent for your newly painted door, too!

Decorate your front door with a fresh and beautiful summer wreath.

4. Convert Old Items Into New

Giving your porch a new look doesn’t have to cost a lot! You can re-purpose wooden ladders, woven baskets, tin cans, and bird cages, among other things. With a lot of love, you can convert old or overlooked items into great additions to your updated porch look.  Check out the fabulous ladder trellis below.

Use an old ladder to decorate your entrance in a shabby-chic way.

5. Paint Porch Furniture To Add Color

Let the pretty color palette of the season speak for itself. Choose pieces from your porch furniture to be subtle accents in your overall look. Give them a fresh coat of paint in pastel hues for a spring feel and a shabby-chic vibe.

Paint Tip: Don’t worry if your paint job isn’t perfect, or if there are any dings or scratches, they add character!

Paint old furniture a pretty pastel color to add color to your front porch

We hope our DIY summer porch decorating ideas will provide you inspiration to dive into your very own home decor project this weekend or next. For more home decor inspo, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in the right-hand sidebar above.

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