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The summer season is in full swing with the 4th of July upon us!  These summer months are the time of year centered around endless pool parties, beach days, and trips to the lake — all of which require an itsy bitsy bikini, fabulous bikini body, adorable sun dresses, and short shorts. 

If you spent your winter working hard in the gym and sticking to a healthy diet, but could still use a few tips to look just a bit thinner and achieve an overnight bikini body, well then we’ve got you covered!

Read on for 10 ways to instantly look better in your bikini this summer.

How to To Get An Overnight Bikini Body

1. Cut the Salt

Sodium causes the body to retain water and fluids, which makes you look bloated and larger than you actually are. No sexy lady wants that!  The recommended sodium intake is 1500 to 2000 milligrams, but the average American is consuming 3400 milligrams per day, yuck!  Watching your salt intake is an easy way to avoid bloating and water retention.

Here’s how to get an overnight an bikini body and look skinny in bikini…

2. Drink lots of water

Not only does water keep your skin hydrated, it also flushes sodium from your system, reducing that salty food bloat.  Water also pushes toxins out of your system and fights nasty cellulite!  We knew we loved water!

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3. Stay away from carbs

Carb-heavy foods like potatoes, breads, cereals, and rice cause your body to store 3 times more water than lean proteins.  Cutting these foods out of your diet a week before your big bikini day will help you lose a few extra pounds by reducing water weight.

4. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great substitute for olive or vegetable oil in pretty much anything you might be cooking.  Coconut oil is made from the “meat” of a coconut and contains unique fatty acids that have a powerful and positive effect on your metabolism and can even aid in weight loss!

5. Eat meals the size of your fist

When the stomach is empty it is roughly the size of your fist.  What does that mean for you?  Any meal larger than your fist will cause your stomach to expand and cause added bloating — not good for your bikini body!

6. Do yoga or pilates

Try to get a quick session in the morning before wearing your swimsuit.  Both yoga and pilates offer an emphasis on lengthening your muscles, without adding bulk.  By getting a class in the same day your muscles will appear more defined and you’ll be able to relax in that itsy bitsy bikini.

Added bonus: these workouts encourage great posture which makes you look longer and leaner!

7. Stand up straight

Watching your posture can make you look up to 5 pounds slimmer!  To stand (or sit) up straight causes the core to be engaged, thus forcing you to suck your stomach in and drop your shoulders, which ultimately lengthen the body line.

8. Get a spray tan

It is a fact that a tan makes you look slimmer and hides imperfections, like cellulite.  A quick spray tan the day before can make you look that much thinner and model-esque in your bikini!  If you really want that “I’ve been working out” look, consider a custom spray tan where you will be contoured to perfection! Or, use a self tanner. See our favorites below.

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9. Wear your hair up

Throwing your hair into a loose bun or high pony elongates the neck and gives the illusion of weight loss.  Be sure to put a UV protector and leave in conditioner in first to keep hair from drying out in the sun and wind.  If you are going for a ponytail, look for the no-break hair ties to protect that gorgeous head of hair!

10. Find the right suit for you body

Selecting a flattering bathing suit for your body type can make a huge difference!  Not sure what style to choose?  Here is our quick cheat sheet for choosing a bikini for your body type:

  • Athletic Build/Boy Shape – Look for bust enhancing detail such as ruffles or bows
  • Bigger Bottom – A high cut leg or style with side ties is super flattering
  • Short Torso – A bold top detail will draw the eye up
  • Lanky – Ruffles on the top or bottom (or both) will add curves
  • Apple – Look for ruching at the tummy for the perfect look
  • Tummy Pooch – High waisted retro style bottoms will hide that
  • Long Torso – Bold prints = sexy curves

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