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Slacker Halloween Guide: Last Minute Halloween Costumes + Treats + Decor

We leave everything to the last minute too, so we know how you feel right now, slacker! Whether you may be looking for last minute Halloween costumes still, sweet Halloween treats, or Halloween party decorations for tonight, look no further as we have it all right here! Our last minute Halloween Guide is everything you need! Girl, we’ve got you covered for pretty much everything having to do with Halloween. Hopefully some of the ideas below will get you into the holiday spirit and inspire you to get to work on some spook Dracula’s Dentures treats or a DIY Anna Wintour costume. Read on for our Slacker Halloween Guide. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

1. Tips For Choosing A Less Slutty Costume Click here!

Choosing A Less Slutty Halloween Costume…

2. Dress Up As Your Favorite Style Icon ( think Anna Wintour or Barbie) Click here!

Dress up like Anna Wintour!

3. Unique Celebrity Costumes Click here!

Supermodel Heidi Klum covers herself in an anatomic bodysuit

4. DIY Costume Ideas To Look Like A CelebrityClick here!

Dress like Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween!

Last Minute Halloween Recipes

1. Recipes For Festive Holiday Cocktails Click here!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini with crushed graham cracker rim

2. Recipe For Mummy Cheese CrackersClick here!

Mummy Cheese Crackers with Pretzel Crisps

3. Pumpkin Shaped Rice Crispy treats – Click here!

Pumpkin Shaped Rice Crispy Treats

4. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – Click here!

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds For Holidays

5. Spider Popcorn BallsClick here

Spider Popcorn Balls

6. White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins – Click here!

Pumpkin cookie treats made with Pretzel Crisps

7. Pumpkin Pie ParfaitClick here!

Pumpkin Pie Parfait – healthy and low fat!

8. Dracula’s Dentures Cookies – Click here!

Dracula’s Dentures! Ewwwww!

9. DIY Witch Hat Cookies Click here!

Witch hat cookies — so easy and quick!

Last Minute Halloween Party Decorations

1. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas – Click here!

pumpkin decorating ideas

2. DIY Apple Candle Votives Click here!

Apple Candles

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