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7 Healthy Eating Tips During Holiday Party Season For The Socialite

Today is Monday and having just gotten through a weekend of holiday parties, not so healthy eating, and lots of libations, lets be honest, this is just the beginning! A quick glance at the calendar, and the holiday party fun is here from gift exchanges, company holiday parties, your family’s holiday party, and more — the parties are literally filling our schedules until Christmas and New Year’s Eve!  People, take note, this is a marathon not a sprint!!!

7 Healthy Eating Tips During Holiday Party Season For The Socialite

There are so many things to think about during holiday party season including what to wear, what to bring for the host, what makeup look to go for… you can also expect that the libations, treats, and snacks will be high calorie at each and every one of your holiday parties.  Hence, this is no time to be on a diet if you are interested in trying out the delicious treats!

Nevertheless, we have 7 healthy eating tips that you need to know about in order to make optimal choices when navigating the cheese plate and other tasty hors d’oeuvres at holiday parties this season. Our must-know tips were featured in LOCALE Magazine’s How to Plan A Holiday Party.

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7 Healthy Eating Tips You Need Know About During Holiday Party Season

~ Healthy Eating Tips for the Skinny Girl and also the Holiday Party Non-Diet Girl ~ 

1. Navigating The Cheese Plate: Chomp on a cluster of grapes instead of grabbing for the cheese and crackers.  Cheese plates should always have a dried fruit or not dairy option.

2. Choosing Cheese: If having cheese, choose soft cheese. Soft cheese like Brie or goat cheese have less fat than hard cheese like Cheddar and Gruyere.

3. Choosing Libations: Sip on a flute of champagne (75 calories) versus taking down a whiskey sour (240 calories) or other cocktail which can be loaded with sugar.

California Holidays4. Choosing Cookies: Nibble on a gingerbread cookie (half the calories of a sugar cookie).  On the other hand, tt is the holidays so a sugar cookie won’t kill you.  Counting calories during the holidays will make you go insane!

5. Choosing a Nightcap: Relax with hot cocoa (175 calories).  A less healthy option, but very decadent is to spike your eggnog with brandy (400 calories).

6. Choosing a Sweet: Savor a candy cane (55 calories plus fresh breath).  If you start having Hershey’s Kisses, the calorie calculator will add up quick! 127 calories for 5 Hershey’s Kisses.

7. Choosing Calories: Skip heavy hors d’oeuvres to leave room for libations.  If you are there for the food, then indulge in pigs in a blanket with Goldschlager.  Don’t wear a tight dress!

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As featured in LOCALE Magazine

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