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How To Do A Glamorous Holiday Updo On Your Own Hair

Are you looking for holiday hair inspiration?  Holiday parties and New Year’s Eve festivities are a great excuse to try something new with your hair. While we love a bouncy blow dry as much as the next person, an updo can be very elegant and also keep your hair out of your face, especially when it’s time for dancing or eating small bites.  We went to the experts at the BlowPop Dry Bar in San Diego, CA to get a great style that we an do ourselves.  See how celebrities do a casual sock bun here.

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Below, we show you step by step how to achieve this polished updo, that although does not look easy, can definitely be done – especially if you know how to braid your own hair!  We started off the ‘do with a festive, gold braided headband.

Editor’s Note: BlowPop Dry Bar in San Diego, California at Horton Plaza is devoted to the art of the perfect style. Everyone not only looks, but also feels better with a great blowout.  Mickel Bohi, owner of BlowPop Dry Bar, is a former TV news producer who leads a team that oozes glitz and glamour. Jossette Michelle created our glamorous hairstyle.  Make sure to take a picture in the gold antique chair if you visit!

Styling Products Needed:


Hold Flexible Hairspray

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Bobby pins

Teasing comb

Materials needed: Hairspray, dry shampoo, teasing comb and bobby pins


How To Do A Glamorous Holiday Updo On Your Own Hair

Before: We started with 1 day of unwashed hair.

Step 1: If your hair is clean, using dry shampoo can help to make it more course, stickier, and easier to style. Make a center part and place the headband comfortably on your head.  Comb the hair in front of the head band down so that it is not stuck under the headband. Allow enough hair in front of the headband to braid it in the next step.

Step 2: Take a section of hair behind the headband and tease the hair with a teasing comb.  Take another section behind the teased section and tease again. Continue until the top of your head is significantly teased.  (It will look messy).

Step 3: Gently lie the teased sections down and gently take the teasing comb to smooth out the top of the poof. You will have a nice big hairdo at this point.

Step 4: French braid the hair that is on either side of the headband until the top of the ear. Then braid down close to the end.

Step 5: Tease the bottom of either braid so that the braid does not come undone.  This way, you wont need a hair elastic to maintain the braid.

Step 6: Bring the braids from each side together and tie a plastic elastic tightly. Pull tight

Step 7: Take the long hair and cup it in both hands in a rolling motion. You will be taking the cuped hair in your hands and tucking it overtop of the braid until you are satisfied with the roll shape created.  Keep cupping the hair and tucking it into the braid.

Step 8: Use a lot of bobby pins to secure the rolled up hair.  Place bobby pins along the braid by grabbing the hair in an up-down motion so that the bobby pins cannot be seen.

Step 9: Create a more voluminous look  by taking the stick end of the teasing comb and placing it under the hair and pulling out gently to poof.

Step 10: Spray hairspray dramatically allover for a longlasting look.

…and updos! Styling!

Hair ready for festivies and now off to finish some holiday shopping!

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