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Time To Mix Up Some Holiday Cocktails – Try This At Home!

From New York to LA, restaurants, bars, chefs and mixologists are stocking their liquor cabinets with fall staples like Pumpkin Pie Vodka, Apple Cider, Salted Carmel Vodka and Ginger Beer.   Traditional garnishes including lime wedges and maraschino cherries are being replaced with skewered apple pieces, cinnamon sticks and candy corn.  Yummy!  Those looking to add a little holiday spirit cheer to their lives, look no further than our festive holiday cocktails!

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These four holiday cocktails are perfect for getting into the holiday spirit whether its Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just the winter season!  For those of you in cooler climates, holiday cocktails are a necessity and keep you warm, so whipping out one of these recipes will be easy.  Snowbirds in Southern California or Miami, FL. also need a holiday cocktail, if anything to remind that the holidays are here!

4 Festive Fall Holiday Cocktails:

1. The Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini

Nothing says fall more than a pumpkin pie vodka, mixed with coffee liquor and a dash of fall’s favorite spices: ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg!

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a martini glass rimmed with crushed graham crackers and serve with cinnamon stick to garnish.

Ingredients (makes 1 martini)

  • 2 shots pumpkin pie vodka
  • 2 shots coffee liqueur
  • dash ground ginger
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash nutmeg
holiday cocktails

Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini with crushed graham cracker rim

2. The Candy Corn Cordial

Turning everyone’s favorite Halloween candy into one of many holiday cocktails is oh-so-sweet with a shot of tequila, butterscotch schnapps, crème de cacao, fresh orange juice and dark cocoa.  And of course, garnished with a skewer of candy corn!

Rim a martini glass with orange juice, then cocoa powder. In a shaker, add tequila, butterscotch schnapps, crème de cocoa and orange juice. Add ice and shake well. Strain into prepared martini glass. Garnish with an orange wheel and toothpick of candy corn.

Ingredients (makes 1 cordial)

  • 1 oz Familia Camarena Reposado Tequila
  • ½ oz butterscotch schnapps
  • ½ oz Crème de Cacao
  • 2 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1 tsp dark cocoa
  • 4 pieces candy corn
holiday cocktails

The Candy Corn Cordial – wonderful for Halloween or holiday season

3. The Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail

Champagne cocktails are generally revered as a winter drink, enjoyed while bringing in the New Year, but who says the love can’t be shared with the preceding fall season? We say, share the love with this crisp autumn apple treat by combining champagne, apple cider and vodka with a hint of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg!

Combine the cider, vodka, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple syrup in a shaker with ice.  Shake well and pour into champagne glass. Top with champagne and garnish with skewered apple pieces or cinnamon sticks.

Ingredients (makes 1 cocktail)

  • ½ apple cider
  • 1 shot vodka
  • Dash cinnamon
  • Dash nutmeg
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • ½ cup champagne
holiday cocktails

The Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail – garnished w/cinnamon sticks and apple slices

The Salted Caramel Martini

Salty Caramel has been all the rage in recent months and now Stoli Vodka has stepped up to the plate and created the first ever Salted Caramel Vodka.  This interesting twist on a martini combines the delicious flavored vodka with egg whites, lemon juice and ginger syrup. Scrumptious!

Shake all ingredients without ice to emulsify egg white. Add ice and shake again. Strain into a martini glass.

Ingredients (makes 1 martini)

  • 2 parts Stoli® Salted Karamel
  • 1/2 part Egg Whites
  • 1/2 part Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 part Ginger Syrup
holiday cocktails

Salted Caramel Martini using Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka

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  1. Amy Black

    I love all of these cocktails! So festive for hosting a party! I have a soft spot for candy corn so I think that one is my favorite! Great that you’re featuring cocktails now!!!


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