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Celebrate National Underwear Day Today With Fresh Undies…

Happy National Underwear Day!  Okay, personal question – you don’t have to answer! – have you changed your underwear recently? Why are we asking you a strange thing like that?  Well, if you are in New York City today and want to learn more about the answer behind that question, look at undie models, get some free undies from top brands, as well as simply celebrate this unofficial national holiday, then head over to 315 W 57th Street until 7pm tonight for the pop-up display. Should be good times!

Celebrate National Underwear Day with

What is Freshpair, you ask?  This savvy, online, underwear company has come up with a way to make sure that both men and women wear the correctly sized undergarments by allowing customers to try their underwear in the comfort of their home and then send back what they don’t like or what doesn’t fit.  Sounds relaxing, right?

Wearing the correct size of underwear is incredibly important, especially with the rising incidents of breast cancer.  Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?  Girls – we must change our bras every few months because it will actually lose elasticity and then no longer fit the same. Our bodies are always changing, thus our underwear must change too! So, make sure you have several bras in your arsenal and if your underwear isn’t fitting perfectly, head to and find a better pair that does fit perfectly!

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