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5 Packing List Travel Essentials For The Airport

Every stylish fashionista needs to stay organized with her packing list while traveling. The worst is being caught with overweight luggage, too many carry-on bags, and/or trying to juggle your feline on one arm with your overly heavy Celine Phantom containing your laptop, makeup, water bottle, and neck pillow on the other arm, whilst rushing to the furthest airport gate. Going through TSA is no fun while apologizing to the travelers behind you for holding up the security line — all the while your fluffy marshmallow colored kitty is meowing on your shoulder and travelers are complimenting you on your … gorgeous white stole? No, that’s my cat’s tail, sir! Essentially, it stinks being disorganized, especially in an airport setting.  But, fret not, we aren’t going to let disorganization and embarrassment happen to you. Read on for our packing list that includes 5 essentials for airport travel.

Packing List: 5 Essentials For The Airport

  1. Toiletries Bag – a must have!  We love the Emme Bag because it makes things easy to get through security in a jiffy. Enclosed, it comes with removable plastic bags to keep your essentials organized.

    The removable plastic bags make it easy to whip out your small, sealed liquids at security and plastic bags also prevent liquids from spilling throughout your bag…in the unfortunate event. Designed with travel in mind, the Emme Bag can be purchased here.

  2. Scarf – this fashionable accessory is great for the plane because it tends to get chilly while up in the air.  A scarf can be worn around your neck or tied to your tote while walking through the airport and once on the plane it can be used as a pillow or blanket. We love Leigh & Luca scarves for travel which can be purchased here.
  3. Neck Pillow – is a must for long flights to support your neck and get some good zzz’s. Purchase your neck pillow here.
  4. Duffle Bag – A small duffle bag is ideal for airport travel because all of your essentials can fit perfectly. You will have no problem fitting your neck pillow, Emme bag, laptop, makeup, and scarf in a stylish and durable duffle.  Shop rolling Tommy Hilfiger Duffle Bag here.
  5. Noise Canceling Headphones – oh how relaxing it is to not have to hear the engines on a long plane ride or the chatty passenger next to you. Listening to music or movies is so much nicer!  Purchase the Bose “QuietComfort 15” headphones, they’re definitely worth the investment!





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