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Thinking About Planning A Eurotrip?

Thinking about planning a Eurotrip this summer, but not sure where to begin or if Europe is really the best destination to spend your travels? We’ve listed benefits to traveling in Europe, from safe and easy travel means and cheap accommodation to mouthwatering cuisine and things to do. Read on for 4 reasons to travel to Europe this summer and see why it’s the ideal summer vacation spot for those with a love affair for cuisine and scenery.

Why To Think About Planning A Eurotrip

planning a eurotrip - feta salad in Greece Santorini

Famous for their feta and olives, the Greek Salad is a must-try in Greece!

1. Amazing Food

If you are a foodie, then Europe is definitely somewhere you need to visit. With nearly 30 countries to travel to, a trip to Europe offers you the chance to try so many new tastes and flavors. Don’t miss paella, Spanish tortillas, and jamon ibérico in Spain, homemade pasta and Neapolitan crisp-crust pizza in Italy, “meze” and feta in Greece, steak frites and ratatouille in France, and Luzerner Chügelipastete in Switzerland. Click here if you’re traveling to Switzerland. Taking a trip to Europe is the ideal summer vacation for those having a love affair with cuisine.

2. Safe and Easy Travel

One of the main reasons to take a trip to Europe is that there is a range of safe countries to visit. Of course, crime does exist and you should beware of pickpocketing, but it is much lower than in many other continents. Another benefit of traveling to Europe is that most American’s don’t require a visa, which saves money, hassle and time. Unless you plan on staying in Europe for longer than three months, you won’t need a visa to travel within the continent. Lastly, thanks to Europe’s amazing rail system, it is quick and easy to travel between countries and its a fabulous way to take in the scenery while you travel. Find out more about taking the train here. And, with most of Europe using the Euro as currency, there is no need to swap your money for new currency at every new location.

3. Cheap Travel and Accommodation

Europe offers both expensive and very affordable accommodation, making it possible for almost anyone to experience the continent. It’s important to do your research and shop around in advance so you can find the best travel and accommodation deals for your trip. Staying in hostels is also an option if your budget is limited. Get deals on travel by booking through travel sites like and other comparison sites.

4. Lots To See and Do

With so many different countries to visit, there are lots of things to see and do when visiting Europe. From beaches and parks to museums and art galleries, Europe is full of unique and memorable sights and attractions. One of the best things about taking a trip to Europe is that there are various options for the type of trip you want. Whether you fancy a city break, a family vacation or an adventure holiday, Europe has it all. Greece and Spain are fantastic beach holiday vacations; Milan and Venice are perfect for city breaks; and England has some amazing holiday adventure destinations. There are so many places to choose from for your vacation!

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