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Swiss Travel Guide: All You Need To Know About Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderful place for a woman to visit, whether she’s visiting with friends, her other half, or all on her own. There’s much to do in Switzerland — winter or summer — so we’ve put together a Swiss travel guide to make sure you incorporate all of the important things while you’re there to ensure the best time ever!  This Swiss travel guide will give you plenty of tips and things to do, from hiking, wine, and chocolate tasting to relaxing in quaint hotels in famous Swiss Resort towns, like Andermatt.  Read on for our Swiss travel tips and have the most enjoyable trip to Switzerland ever.

Swiss Travel Guide For Women

1. Hike

Hiking in Switzerland is a great way to do some exploring, especially since there are thousands of miles to cover. You can spot animals that are native to the area, so make sure you take your camera. There’s no way you can get lost! Make sure you go prepared with a pair of walking boots and perhaps even a pole, which will stop you from injuring yourself. A great way to keep your fitness up while you travel, don’t you think?

swiss travel guide - what to do traveling in Switzerland

Download the Swiss Travel App so you don’t get lost!

If you download the iPhone app from Swiss National Park before you go, you’ll be able to get 32 of the country’s most popular routes for exploring the land.  Summer brings an outdoor playground of not only walking and hiking, but also golf, fishing and mountain biking.

2. Stay

Sometimes, us ladies need to stop for a minute and breathe. If you’re tired of moving around at 100 miles per hour, take some time out for yourself and unwind in a hotel in one of Switzerland’s small towns — Wengen and Murren are two very popular Swiss holiday resort villages. There will also be fabulous hotels in Andermatt, a quaint town that is known far beyond Switzerland for its towering peaks, deep canyons, cascading waterfalls and pristine mountain lakes.  Additionally, guaranteed snowfall in winter ensures challenges for thrill seeking skiers and snow boarders at every level on Gemsstock and Nätschen Mountains.

swiss travel guide - james bond goldfinch andermatt

Fun Fact: Andermatt, Switzerland served as the backdrop for James Bond’s Goldfinch.

Did you know that Andermatt served as the stunning backdrop to James Bond in Gold Finger?!  The timeless charms of Andermatt village feel refreshingly remote, yet are easily accessible by road from Stuttgart and Munich (four hours each), Milan (two hours), Zurich (90 minutes) and Lucerne (45 minutes) or by a train ride of less than 2 hours from Zurich city and 2.5 hours from Zurich Airport straight into Andermatt train station.

swiss travel guide - andermatt switzerland hotels

Andermatt, Switzerland is known for its fresh powder and excellent skiing conditions during winter

3. Learn the Language

You’ll always have a better time exploring this place if you can speak a few of the phrases. However, this can be a little tricky, as the language all depends on where you are. Some areas speak French, others Italian, some German. Many already speak English, but knowing how to greet people in their own language will get you some brownie points. Around 64% of the country speak German, while 20% speak French, and 7% speak Italian. The Swiss like a nice formal greeting, so make sure you do so. You should greet people when you enter shops and say goodbye. It’s also customary to greet anybody you might find on a hiking trail.

4. Wine

We can’t be the only women who enjoy a good glass of wine, can we? Thought not! If you’re traveling to Switzerland, make sure you try a good glass of something red or white. You can’t usually get Swiss wine out of the country, so you’d be silly to miss this opportunity.

swiss travel guide - teuscher-chocolate-box

The Swiss are known for their chocolate! Be sure to check out world renowned Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland.

5. Chocolate

Fan of chocolate? Just be warned, once you’ve tasted the delicious Swiss chocolate, you won’t feel right eating any other kind. Chocolate making is an art over there, so make sure you satisfy your sweet tooth. Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has been around for more than 70 years and is one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers.  Teuscher skillfully blends the finest cocoa, marzipan, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients into their now famous recipes.  There are stores in Geneva and Zurich. If you’d like something to eat before you have a chocolatey dessert, go for the cheese fondu.

6. Watches

Why not treat yourself to a quality Swiss watch? It’s one of the things they’re most famous for, alongside chocolate, cheese, and cows. So, what better excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelery?

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