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11 Easy Ways Sexual Intimacy Can Be Improved With Your Man

Our hectic lives can easily get in the way of building an intimate relationship with our partner.  But even with our busy lives, it is possible (and necessary) to have amazing sexual intimacy with our man — and it’s actually so much easier than you think!  If you crave a passionate relationship and yearn for intimacy, then girl, go get it!   Appreciation and being adored are all feelings that we as women want, but a relationship with intimacy will later provide what we desire in the bedroom.  Click here to see how sexy thoughts can seriously heat up your relationship.

Most likely you and your lover’s schedules collide in the evenings — which doesn’t leave much time together — so doing small things here and there, like making yourself take that extra 20 minutes in the morning to do something special to show you only want them, are very important and make your partner feel loved and cared for by you. Below, we show you 10 ways to improve and maintain sexual intimacy in your relationship.


How To Improve Sexual Intimacy With Your Guy

1. Communicate With Your Lover

Say good morning and offer a nice loving whisper of “hello” via text or email. You must make time to show you are thinking about your person — it will pay off in the bedroom later!  Just a simple “Good morning sexy, I hope you’re having a lovely morning” will suffice.

2. Create A Mental Connection

Intimacy is not always about being physical with your guy, but creating a mental connection with your man makes the bedroom ooooh so much hotter!  You create this mental connection by little small gestures of love, for example, if he loves sports offer to cook his favorite meal and buy him his favorite beer while he watches.  Little gestures of love go a long way later … trust us.  Make a promise to sit down and have morning coffee together at least once a week.  If there’s not time, well then get up 20 minutes earlier.

3. Cook Together

Dining and/or cooking together at least once a week is a must!  …and once on the weekends too.

4. Get Wet

Shower together in the mornings…wash each other’s hair!  Or, take a quick 20 minute dip in the spa if you have one.

5. Have Catch Up Time

In the evenings, offer a quick massage while watching television. Walk the dog together — this will give time for conversation and opportunity to catch up.

6.  Sweat Together

Attend hot yoga or a new workout class together.  Making similar fitness goals builds a good check and balance bond of good health.  You’ll both be happier, sexier, and healthier.

7.  Make Vacation Time

Plan a vacation and you will always have something fun to look forward to.  Planning a vacation is fun and gets you excited to make new memories and get your sexual intimacy on!

8. Try New Things

Try something you’ve never done before, like a hot air balloon ride or a new concert.  This takes only a little bit of time to plan this and creates long-lasting memories.

9.  Watch A TV Show

Try a TV show that intrigues you both!  TV shows take only 30-45 minutes of your time and are so are fun to get involved with together, laugh at, and discuss later.  Guys secretly love Gossip Girl and Dallas.

10.  Buy Season Tickets

Season tickets to a the opera, polo, hockey, or football guarantee your time together and later builds a closeness and intimacy in the bedroom.

11.  Have A Picnic

Plan a picnic!  Be it an apartment / carpet picnic, beach or lake picnic, picnic at the park or in front of a museum.  A little picnic takes some planning, thought, and time, and it’s so romantic!

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