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How To: Splurge On “ME” For The Holidays

With the leaves on the ground, the icy rain that never ends, and the chilly weather that leaves our hands bitterly cold as the days grow shorter, we do have reason to smile. The holidays!  But you’re feeling a little overwhelmed…family and friends are calling to make plans and Starbucks has been handing out Christmas cups since the day Halloween ended. We’re here to remind you that you mustn’t forget about yourself during this intense time of the year – it’s okay to constantly worry about your friends and family, but it’s not okay to let the pressure of the holidays put you last on the list.

Don’t forget To Splurge On Yourself During The Holidays!

Take a deep breath, exhale and remember to not forget about yourself!  It’s completely okay to spend a little here and there on yourself before Christmas – just add it to your Christmas list!  We don’t mean wrapping up a Mini Cooper and sticking it under the tree with a special note: “To Me, Love Me”.

There are simple things you can indulge in this season like a spa day, 1-hr massage, or finally crossing off that special purchase from your wish list that you’ve wanted for so long and deserve so much: J. Crew Leopard Calf Hair Gloves, Sam Edelman Calf-hair Leopard booties, Celine Sunglasses, or Chanel N5 perfume.  Ringing a bell?

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Think of your much-deserved gift as a pat on the back for surviving another year of work (and putting up with your Grammy being absolutely hammered at the Thanksgiving table).  Once you’ve added your gift to your Xmas list, feel free to daydream about it during your Mother-In-Law’s nagging episodes, “You should be eating better” or “When are y’all having kids“.

Whether you want to purchase yourself a motivational gift or a reward gift to open Christmas day, we want to make absolutely sure that no one get’s forgotten this year…YOU THAT IS!  So go on, shop, be merry, and tweet us @nubry with your “To Me” gifts 🙂

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