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100 Sexy White Summer Dresses And How To Dress For Your Body Shape

We love the warm weather season because it’s now fashionably OK to wear pretty LWDs or little white dresses. White summer dresses can be difficult to choose though, as we really only get to wear them for a short period of the year.  Knowing how to dress for your body shape is extremely important and can really help when looking for the best white summer dress.  Click here to see how to choose a bikini that’s flattering for your figure.  Not sure what’s flattering for you body type?  Not to worry!  We show you how to choose a dress for your body type that will flatter your figure.

how to dress for your body shape

Learn how to dress for your body shape, then choose the best white dress for your figure! See style tips below…

When choosing a dress to flatter your figure there are some styles you want to lean towards and others you’ll want to stear clear of.  In the following article, we show the best dress styles for all 6 body types: pear shape vs. apple shape, big butt vs. small butt, and big bust vs. small bust.  Summer is the season to wear bright colors, pastels and of course white!  So, let’s get to work on which white summer dresses are sexy for your figure.  Below are 100 sexy white summer dresses to flatter your figure. First, understand your body type and then shop for styles that are most appropriate. Remember, everyone can wear a white dress, the trick is finding the best one for you!


How To Dress For Your Body Shape

1. How to choose a white dress for a Pear Shape

If your body is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, you’re body shape is “pear”.  Think of the dress as a two piece, and therefore what type of top would I wear and what type of bottom would best flatter my figure.  For a narrow upper body, ruffles on the top or embellishment on the top of a dress or even a design will draw ones attention away from your wider hips and also balance out a small upper body.

Good Style: Embellished top or Ruffled top

Bad Style: Shift dress, Fit & Flare dress, or Strapless dress

Style Tip: Try a bigger bra or have cups sewn into your dress to add more shape to your upper body.

Shop White Dresses For Pear Shape

2. How to choose a dress for an Apple shape

If your body is wider at the top with minimal waist definition then you are “apple” shape.  For a wider upperbody you can minimize your shoulder width by having thick straps or a halter top. You want to create waist definition with your dress.  Therefore, fitted styles like a fit & flare dress will create a small upper body and a small waist. A V-cut top of a dress will bring your attention away from broad shoulders and add definition.

Good Style: Shift dress, Fit & Flare dresses, halter top, thick straps, tank style

Bad Style: Ruffles on top, Strapless dress

Style Tip: Try a printed white fabric that isn’t too revealing.  It will hide a few extra pounds you may have in your stomach or love handles.  This is better than spanx which can make you hot and add inches to your body, making a dress feel tighter.

3. How to choose a dress for a Large Butt

For a big butt, wear a dress that is fitted through the bottom.  A loose fitting bottom of a dress can add additional volume to a large butt.

Good Style: Shift dress, sheath dress, fitted dress, bodycon dress, Jumpsuits are good for a big butt too.

Bad Style: Loose fitting bottom of a dress, Trapeze style

Style Tip: Don’t show off all of your assets, just show off your butt!  If you have big boobs as well, choose one to show off, but not both.

Shop White Dresses For Big Butt

4. How to choose a dress for a Small Butt

Small butts normally don’t create too much of a problem, except if they look flat.  Shift dresses are great for making a butt look bigger, but if the shift dress is too big, your butt will look like your skiing a black diamond (not good!).  If you have a small butt and a big upper body then make sure you are wearing a fitted top instead of an oversized or boxy crop tee, because you will be emphasizing your small butt if you don’t.

Good Style: Shift dress or any fitted dress that fits properly!,

Bad Style: A dress that is too big will make your butt look even smaller.

Style Tip: If a dress fits everywhere, but too big in the butt, then have the bottom altered to fit your sexy body shape.

Shop For White Dresses For Small Butt

5. How to choose a dress for a Small Bust

Having a small bust is not a disadvantage, you just have to get good at making them appear bigger and fill your clothes! Small busts can actually wear most dress styles, except strapless because they will not look as large on top.  For small busts, you can wear a big bra, you can layer 2 bras together, or you can have cups sewn into a dress for added definition.  Dresses with boning (corset material) and a built-in bra are great because you can wear a bra in addition to the built-in bra support. Cowl neck dresses that add definition and volume in the chest area are flattering. Small busts can wear backless dresses and also be more risky with cutouts on dresses because of the option to not always wear a bra. Sometimes a small bust and showing some skin through cutouts is sexier than flaunting a big chest 🙂

Good Style: body-con dress, backless dress, cutout dress, trapeze dress, cowl neck dress

Bad Style: strapless dress

Style Tip: Experiment with layering 2 bras, or even having cups sewn in. Also experiment with showing off your other assets, rather than your boobs with cutouts and backless dresses.

Shop For White Dresses For Small Bust

6. How to choose a dress for a Large Bust

Having a big bust can be a liability, but this is a good asset, so let’s talk about it!  You want your dress to be supportive and fitted on top. Loose tops will add volume and make you appear top heavy.  Halter tops, tank style tops, and one shoulder dresses will give great support and show off your large bust. One shoulder dresses draw your attention away from a large bust.

Good Style: Halter top, bodycon dress, tank style dress, one shoulder dress, shift dresses, sheath dresses

Bad Style: Loose tops dresses, embellished top dresses.

Style Tip: Experiment with your bra.  Always have a bra that is thin to not add extra padding to a dress, making it too tight.  Have a good strapless bra so that you have the option to wear a halter top dress or a dress that will continue to show your bra straps.

Shop For White Dresses For Large Bust

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