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3 Reasons To Wear Flats And Not Heels On A Date

It’s no surprise that when you browse through any Cosmopolitan or Vogue, you will not find how to wear flats on a date. Obviously they suggest wearing high heels on a first date.  However, sometimes wearing flats is the better option when choosing the perfect outfit and shoes for your date! Below are three reasons why wearing flats on a date is not only okay, but is sometimes the right choice. I’ve always had an aversion to high heels for a multitude of reasons. 3 Reasons To Wear Flats And Not Heels On A DateYou all know that girl you see walking through the halls at school, or at a restaurant that just really can’t walk in her heels.  No one wants to be that girl, and when I wear heels I’m basically that girl.  Yeah, heels make your backside perk up a little and if you’re comfortable in them you might walk with your head held a little higher, but not everyone is comfortable in heels.  So for those of you who aren’t, I’m providing you with 3 reasons why it’s okay to wear flats on a date.

3 Reasons To Wear Flats And Not Heels On A Date

1.  If He is Short…  I really don’t care if a guy isn’t as tall as Yao Ming or Michael Jordan, but I do prefer him to be a little bit taller than me.  What if you’ve got 4 inch Jimmy Choos on and you’re towering over your man?  You’re going to look like an odd couple and the guy is probably going to feel uncomfortable and insecure.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel like a behemoth if the guy I’m going out with shares the same vertical challenges as Tom Cruise.

2. If You Are Unsure If Its A Date… If you’re not 100% sure what kind of date you’re going on, your best bet is to wear flats.  You’re going to look pretty dumb if you trip and fall over someone’s popcorn at a movie.  I mean, I guess it would make for a funny story but date #2 probably won’t happen.

3. Cause Comfortable Is Cute… You don’t want to be complaining on a date that your feet hurt.  You also don’t want to get blisters or start bleeding because that’s not cute.  You want to be easy going, down for anything and who knows you might end up taking a little hike to watch the sunset or end up at the beach and flats are just easier!  Don’t let high heels hinder you from having a good time.

Some flats that I’m coveting right now are:


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