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3 Very Different Ways To Wear A Multicolored Sequin Skirt

One of the standout wardrobe items for spring/summer 2012 was the sequin skirt.  When dishing out a few hundred dollars for a fancy shmancy skirt, you definitely want to have more than 1 way to wear it and also more than 1 place to be in seen in it.  And with summer behind us, that sequin skirt still has quite a lifespan left for the fall season.

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That’s why, we’ve gone ahead and taken 1 multicolored sequin skirt and styled it 3 different ways for 3 very different occasions.  We love Daniela Corte’s multicolored basic sequin mini skirt because of the silk lining and stretch that it offers.  Plus, it’s super cute and equally sexy and packs in a carry-on suitcase without ever wrinkling.

Below, you’ll see how to wear a sequin skirt for a night out on the town, a day of errands around town, and also for a weekend getaway to somewhere like Miami, Bermuda, or Palm Springs.  Please leave a comment below and tell us if there are other ways and places great for wearing a sequin skirt.  Do you like how we’ve styled this 1 skirt?

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This multicolored sequin Daniela Corte skirt can be worn 3 very different ways

3 Ways To Wear A Sequin Skirt For Fall 2012:

1. Night Out On The Town

– Put on a pair of sky high wedges, an understated boxy crop crop top, and accessorize with a bright colored purse –

Daniela Corte Multicolored Sequin Skirt For A Night Out On The Town

2. Day of Errands

– Throw on a simple tee in a color that you can find in the multicolored skirt, slip into some flat sandals, and accessorize with a bright colored purse or handbag –

Daniela Corte Sequin Mini Skirt For A Day Of Errands

3. Weekend Getaway Trip

– Wear a bright colored bandeau, layer with a crisp white button-down blouse, and accessorize with a bright colored clutch, statement beaded necklace, and round sunglasses –

Daniela Corte Multicolored Sequin Skirt For A Weekend Getaway


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