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5 Things To Know To Start A Successful Business | Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend creates a forum to bring business ideas to life and start a successful business! Startup Weekend shows the importance of networking, social media, innovation, confidence, and always having fun!  San Diego hosted the first fashion innovations themed Startup Weekend in the world this past weekend!  In 48 hours, ideas are pitched and the business is started! Below are five things to know to start a successful business.

5 Things To Know To Start A Successful Business

1. Who Do You Know: there is nothing better than having a mentor, advisor or role model who has been through the motions before. The mentors at startup weekend provided each team with helpful guidance and improvements on their topics. Life is all about who you know, so get your name out and shake as many hands as you can. Who knows, your main investor or inspiration could be right around the corner.

5 Things To Know To Start A Successful Business | Startup Weekend2. Social Media is Necessary: “If you don’t use social media you’re dead,” said Jeannie Haddox, the keynote speaker and Fashion Group International’s Communications Chair.  As technology changes, it is crucial to stay up to date and informative through social media. A follow, re-tweet or like could mean a drastic increase in sales, so make sure a polished and fashionable page is accessible to all.

3. Innovation is Key: In the fashion world, we see the same trends cyclically coming and going. However, the best and most fashionable companies maintain their success through staying innovative and adapting to technological advances. The start of a successful business begins with innovation as well.

4. Always remain confident: Confidence is essential throughout and when you start a successful business.  Someone may have a better idea than you, but do they have the drive, business model, organization and the knowledge you do?  It’s necessary to trust your gut and ignore anyone who doubts you!  If you believe in yourself and in your idea you can make it happen!

5. Entrepreneurship is fun!: If you are confident in your product, business doesn’t have to be all work; especially when it comes to fashion.  A new business owner should have a hopeful attitude, so exude optimism and joy in all you do. Having fun with something that is fully yours to create, and being fabulous in the representation of your product will definitely lead to success!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend or participate in a Startup Weekend I highly recommend it!

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Lizzy Foxley has a B.S. in Marketing from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a recent San Diego transplant. Her background includes PR/Marketing and retail management. She enjoys staying active in the San Diego sun, meeting new people, keeping others laughing and hitting the fun hot spots in town. Follow her on twitter. @lizardfox

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