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ALERT: Jimmy Choo Has CROC Coffee Cup Sleeves

That’s right, now your coffee cup can be chic too! The well known, high end shoe designer has taken on a new demographic…coffee addicts!  Jimmy Choo’s reusable “Rika” sleeves are crocodile and come in some pretty chic color variations: fuchsia & bright orange.  Now that’s haute!  For a step up from throw-away, recycled, paper Starbucks sleeves, this is definitely going to be a hot commodity.

Jimmy Choo "Rika" Mock Croc Coffee Cup Sleeve

Did we mention that they cost $165? Per sleeve?  Oh, and did we mention mock croc? Well, when you add the glistening gold Jimmy Choo button to each sleeve, this price is…well worth it!  For most regular high end shoppers and designer enthusiasts, we’re delighted with the fact that we can now have something to cover our coffee cups that not only compliment our freshly manicured nails, but now also compliment our Jimmy Choos too!

However, there are the haters who are totally appalled at the fact that a company would put something worthless and overpriced (is it really though?) like this into production. Styleite sure ain’t happy.  See their review here.  But, if you’re a Starbucks junkie, you’re well aware that your average cup of joe costs 4 dollars, tastes damn good, and is gone in less in 10 minutes. So the fact that anyone puts a Jimmy Choo cup holder on their throw-away cups is far from absurd. Right? Just don’t forget to NOT throw it away with your paper cup 😉

Point in case: if you enjoy luxurious accessories that don’t come with the whopping luxurious price tag (eehh hemm, I am!), then get the ‘Birkin’ of coffee holders and take one for the team. Maybe you can use it later on a drink at happy hour. Go on, put that Jimmy Choo coffee sleeve on your drink of delight and enjoy fashionably. Hey, you only live once!  And I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting plenty of comments.

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