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Burberry’s Tweetwalk Takes Twitter By Storm

Although London Fashion has now passed us by, there is one brand that stands out as having left a heavy mark – not only in the fashion world, but also within the digital world. For a 155 year old fashion brand, Christopher Bailey, the young Chief Creative Officer, is setting Burberry Prorsum ahead of the pack through none other than social media.

Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer, London Fashion Week

Back in February 2010, Burberry introduced the first live 3D catwalk, boasting to the world that they had produced an actual global runway show.  With hub locations around the world: New York City, Dubai, Tokyo, and Paris, celebrities and special guests watched the A/W 2010 collection hit the runway.  After James Cameron’s Avatar success, it only seemed normal to follow suit.  Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explained,

3D technology will bring our global audience into the London show space allowing them to see the colours and fabrics, to hear the music and to be a part of that moment when it all finally comes together.”

Us normal people were able to watch the 2D version online, but this wouldn’t have given us the detail of the fabric or the feeling of truly being at the show.

Already trendsetting, Burberry entered London Fashion Week this past week as a Twitter partner.  Nothing new?  I think not.  Burberry launched a massive “tweetwalk“, whereby it live broadcasted the runway looks right before they hit the runway – giving us normal people prior access to the collection than even the special guests at the show!  From backstage pics to the models hitting the runway, Burberry’s tweetwalk took Twitter by storm! Literally!  Burberry achieved trending hashtags on the worldwide twitter stream: “#Burberry” and “Christopher Bailey”, and a tremendous record-breaking mention’s per minute. Well done Burberry and Christopher Bailey!

Burberry announces "Tweetwalk" - Live Runway Pics Before They Hit The Runway

Burberry also took advantage of the hottest photo-sharing app, Instagram (we held an Instagram photo contest back in July), whereby the brand handed over it’s @burberry Instagram account to the #1 most followed user on the app – photographer, Mike Kus.  Mike Kus took control of Burberry’s Instagram, publicizing to his 126,000+ Instagram followers that he would be live-streaming Burberry’s catwalk the day of the show – thus most likely increasing Burberry’s fan base and also his own.  Mike hashtagged all of the Burberry Instagram pics with #Burberry #LFW and #MikeKus. Genius!

Mike Kus announces to his Instagram followers that he will be live-streaming Burberry at LFW

Mike Kus shares backstage pics with his Instagram followers from the Burberry Show  
Mike Kus takes control of Burberry’s Instagram account during the SS12 show

A huge digital accomplishment, there are mixed reactions on Burberry’s tweetwalk and twitter storm.  Where many were overjoyed with the live display of backstage pics and spring/summer 2012 runway looks before they hit the runway, there were also those who showed tremendous frustration.  The haters feel that Twitter is a platform for conversation, NOT broadcasting.  Albeit true, the brand responded in defense by telling Mashable, “Burberry is now as much a media-content company as we are a design company”.

Burberry is definitely a digital fashion leader and most certainly a brand to follow – not only on our social networks, but also on our own endeavors. What’s next for this media giant?

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  1. Livinggoldie

    I absolutely loved this collection! They completely reinvented the trench coat for S/S 2012


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