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CELEBRITY TREND: 5 Ways To Showoff Purple Ombre Hair

Some may say that the ombre and dip-dyed hair fads are completely out of style for summer, but that statement is so completely false!  The streets of LA are crawling with heads of this descending two-tone hair color trend and our celebrity friends are donning one of our favorite colors on their hair, purple!

Celebs are loving their purple ends, like Katy Perry, who adds a touch of eggplant purple to her shiny, curly, dark brunette ‘do; Lady Gaga, who dip dyes her platinum strands in a lovely lavender; and Vanessa Hudgens, who fades her long curly hair from deep brown to magenta.  For an even bolder look, Selena Gomez spruces up her voluminous bob with a combination of cobalt blue and electric purple streaks, and Jessie J’s hair goes directly from black to amethyst in the popular dip dye approach.

What do you think of these famous Hollywood heads below? Leave a comment below telling us which A-list’s ombre or dip-dye accents you prefer OR tweet us @nubry a pic of your ombre hair!!!

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5 Ways Celebrities Showoff Purple Ombre Hair

katy perry has purple ombre hair

Katy Perry dresses up with loose curls and purple ombre hair.

Lady Gaga with purple ombre hair

Lady Gaga surprises fans as she arrives in Australia with lavender ends to the platinum ‘do.

Vanessa Hudgens with purple ombre hair

Vanessa Hudgens strolls around with magenta ombre hair.

Selena Gomez performs with cobalt blue and purple ombre tips

Jessie J with purple ombre hair

Jessie J dip-dyes her black strands with bright purple on set of The Voice UK


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