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10 Essential Fall Fashion Trends To Wear Right Now

Fall fashion is officially here and the time has come to put aside that hot summer wardrobe. With temperatures beginning to decline, those short shorts and crop tops no longer have a place in your daily wear, except for SoCal gals, so put them in storage and start to bring out those cozy sweaters, scarves, booties, and skinny jeans.

essential Fall Fashion Booties -  Chanel capped toe bootie

Ankle booties are a must-have for fall! Photo Credit: Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram

October and November are the months to show off your fabulous layered style and your chilly weather flare!  We’ve put together a list of the top 10 fall fashion essentials you’ll need to wear right now to pair together with your other stylish wardrobe pieces.  Below, we’ve pinpointed easy-to-wear trends that are always going to be in style … season after season.  From ankle boots and lace up or caged heels to a swoonworthy tuxedo blazer or embellished jacket, you’ll want to update your wardrobe with more than 1 of our fabulous fall essentials.  Happy fall!


Essential Fall Fashion Pieces For Your Wardrobe

1. Ankle Booties: Ankle booties are the perfect fall shoe because they are cute and warm.  Dress up a casual outfit with a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo capped toe boots or Schutz embellished block heel boots. We also love equestrian inspired boots or “Chelsea” boots as they are classic and elegant and will carry you through for seasons to come.

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2. Blazer Or Light Jacket: No fall wardrobe will be complete without a blazer or light jacket. These outer garments are essential for layering and adding warmth.  Try wearing a tuxedo blazer or embellished lightweight jacket to stand out from the crowd.  Trench coats are always a wardrobe staple too as they protect you from nature’s elements during the fall season without being too overbearing…plus, they go over everything!

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fall fashion essentials - great jacket

Photo Credit: Shopbop Instagram

3. Leather Skirt: A leather skirt is a cute, edgy piece to wear during the autumn season as it gives an extra bit of spunk to your outfit. A high-waisted, fitted leather skirt looks hot with a crop top and layered with a chunky cardigan or leather jacket.

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fall fashion leather skirt chiara ferragni

Photo Credit: Chiara Ferragni Instagram

4. Black Shorts: Black shorts keep a bit of summer in your wardrobe and show off your legs. Pair them with cute tights and ankle booties to ensure that you stay warm in the chilly weather.

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5. Scarves: Scarves are great to keep your neck warm and even can double as a blanket in chilly situations.  It is definitely necessary to have a scarf in multiple colors and fabrics, so to match all of your fall outfits. Scarves come in great fabrics like knit, cashmere, wool, and/or silk. Invest in your faborites so you can wrap up when the weather gets even colder.

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6. Skinny Jeans: Not only are skinny jeans warm, but they make any outfit look polished and sleek. Think model off duty or Kendall Jenner.  A pair of skinny jeans looks fab and sophisticated with a pair of essential fall fashion leather boots, a turtle neck, and leather jacket.

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fall fashion essentials - skinny jeans - paige jeans

Photo Credit: Revolve Clothing Instagram

7. Sweaters: Sweaters are an absolute must-have for the fall!  Who doesn’t love a cozy, chunky, warm fall sweater? Get your fall sweaters in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to change up your daily looks and turn up the heat n in your wardrobe.

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fall fashion essentials - cozy sweater - peace love shea

Photo Credit: Peace Love Shea Instagram

8. Pleated Skirt: Pleated skirts add a touch of classic and youthful elegance to your look. Harness your inner school girl … because the pleated skirt is back for fall!

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9. Lace-Up Or Caged Heels: Lace-up heels increase the sexy factor in your look no matter what you’re sporting.  Make sure to wear tights with your caged heels when the temperature drops further to keep your feet from getting cold. These shoes are a must have for the season!

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These Caged Schutz heels are all the rage for the fall season!

10. Sweater Dress: The sweater dress is a warm and versatile alternative for fall. This essential fall fashion garment can be lots of fun to pair with boots and layered with a trench coat. Can’t find anything to wear in your closet? A sweater dress is a quick fix alternative to any wardrobe crisis, as it is easy to throw on and always looks great!

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