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How To Make An Outfit Look Sooo Chanel

People often say, “oh, that looks sooo Chanel” whether or not that something really is or is not Chanel.  To celebrate Coco Chanel’s August 19th birthday, we were inspired to create an outfit that Coco Chanel would have loved. Our “Chanel” outfit is not actually a Chanel design at all…but looks like Chanel…and for budget-conscious fashionistas, this type of intelligent dressing can be very important!  What do we mean?  When we think of Chanel, immediately we think of a very polished, classic, and sophisticated look that includes the colors black and white (or cream), a tailored jacket, a pair of round sunglasses, and a flawless complexion.

To get started with our Chanel look, we began at the foundation with the lovely “Victoria Posh” dress by Sugarlips that features an A-line skirt, sheer neck insert, and lace back.  We built upon our little black dress foundation – that Coco Chanel made so popular in the 20’s – with a pair of the “Scarlet” t-strap black and ivory spiked heels by Sam Edelman, cream leather motorcycle jacket with fur shoulders by Son Jung Wan fall 2012, black half-tint sunglasses by Chanel, black statement headband, and black watersnake clutch by Alexander McQueen.  Makeup was done flawlessly and finished off with rich rouge lips – which is right on trend for fall 2012!

Below, we show you how we create a Chanel inspired outfit using high and low pieces.  We’ve also listed 5 tips for making a Chanel inspired outfit so that you can easily do it yourself at home! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our sophisticated black and white outfit.  Are you going to create your own Chanel inspired outfit? Make sure to post a photo on our Facebook page and show us your “Chanel” creation!

5 Tips For Making A Chanel Inspired Outfit:

1. Keep color palette black and white (or cream)

2. Wear a tailored jacket

3. Choose round or statement sunglasses

4. Slip on a refined, two-toned heel

5. Apply red lipstick to a flawless complexion

 How To Make An Outfit Look Like A Chanel Outfit:

Gretchen Hackmann of Nubry wearing a Chanel inspired outfit

Accessorize with round black sunglasses, statement headband, watersnake clutch, and red lips

SHOP THIS HEEL (in black): Sam Edelman Scarlet Spiked Heel Ankle-Strap Pump, Black

Sugarlips “Victoria Posh” dress with sheer insert, A-line skirt, and lace back


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