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How To: Organize Your Closet

Let’s face it: even the most fashion savvy of us is faced with the infamous rut at one point or another. Mine has been like a looming gray cloud the past few weeks, especially since the weather has been so bipolar (what with switching between spring and winter over 24 hour intervals.) I’ve been more or less finding myself throwing on the nearest pair of Lululemon leggings paired with a cozy sweatshirt and my favorite grey and pewter blue Nike Air Max’s; needless to say, the month of March has not been my chicest.

Anyways, the fashion rut is a difficult one to climb out of. I tried to motivate myself in different ways, from picking out my outfits the night before school/work to waking up earlier as to leave myself more time to primp and beautify. None of these worked, I just felt no motivation! Then, it hit me. What if I displayed my clothes and accessories in a way that made me want to wear them? It was clear to me now: obviously I found it difficult to throw on a dress in the morning when that perfect dress was hidden in the back of my tightly squeezed closet. So, last Saturday, I spent the day re-vamping my room. The results really are quite awesome. I went to the Container Store (which is, in case you’re not familiar, a neat freak’s Mecca) and purchased this amazing coat rack to display all of my favorite pieces on. The Container Store Tips for organizing

Alexandra’s Room ~ Living in a Store

The joke running through my family right now is that I live in the store. The morning after the room was finished, I woke up and mumbled to my sister, “Oh my goodness I live in a store!” We thought it was funny.

Displaying my clothes in such a way has really been helpful in remedying my rut. Now when I wake up, I feel inspired to throw on my favorite white lace dress instead of my comfortable yoga outfit.

Here’s a closer view:

Alexandra Hayes’s Room: Rack purchased from The Container Store.

A close up

So, if you’ve been getting lazy with your personal style, I suggest you do some room re-vamping. Maybe for you this means color coordinating your closet, or maybe you want to go out and buy a clothes rack just like me!

Happy organizing!

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Alexandra is currently a senior at Needham High School. In her free time she loves writing, painting, blogging and meeting new people. In an ideal world, she'd be living a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle shopping for shoes and writing her own column about life, love, and everything else fabulous. This fall, Alexandra is looking forward to becoming a part of University of Michigan's freshman class. Alexandra writes about her life through fashion snapshots on her own blog - "A Nomad's Sanctuary".

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