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How To Wear Your Office Blazer Outside Of The Office

Showing up for work in style is ultra important.  So important that sometimes we have to break the bank to make sure that our office wardrobe is just as fancy as our extracurricular wardrobe. But it doesn’t always have to be a credit card transaction.  Today, we’re here to show you that these two wardrobes can integrate to be just 1 wardrobe!  By mixing and matching key office pieces – such as a blazer from a suit’s set – with key outside of the office pieces – like lace tights, leggings, and wide legged jeans – you can put together some really amazing looks!

Below, we’ve snatched the white linen zip shoulder blazer by eco-friendly designer, Soldat Tailoring, from the complete skirt suit set – meant for the office – and styled it 3 different ways for outside of the office.  First, we show how to wear the blazer with wide legged jeans, a cream corset, and Chanel bag, second we show how to wear the blazer for day with gray leggings, studded booties, an oversized clutch by eco-friendly designer, Jill Milan, and a Chanel necklace, and third we show how to rock’n roll the day outfit up by swapping the gray leggings for lace tights, and the oversized clutch for a small black Chanel purse.

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Soldat Tailoring White Linen Skirt Suit For Office

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3 Ways To Wear An Office Blazer OUTSIDE Of The Office

1. Soldat Tailoring White Linen Blazer w/ Wide Legged Jeans (Day)

2. Soldat Tailoring White Linen Blazer w/Gray Leggings (Day)

3.  Soldat Tailoring White Linen Blazer w/Lace Tights (Evening)

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