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Hi, I’m Lorna, I’m a blogger and a self confessed clothing addict. My main staple items that I love are my jeans! I am definitely a jeans girl and I live in them! But when the weather doesn’t call for jeans and I get to wear something different to keep me cool I like to opt for something more feminine and girly like a beautiful floral dress, floaty skirts and of course denim shorts!

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River Island Floral Dress - this dress flatters my figure wonderfully!

A dress that I would normally pick would be something like this River Island floral dress. Price is definitely something I look for when shopping for summer dresses. As I live in England, it’s not that often that I get to wear them so I don’t like to spend too much money. I picked this one up in the sale and the fact that it was made of cotton and had a lower neck was a bonus. It’s such a flattering shape! I do like to try and stick to trends sometimes and try out new things but I prefer to pick what suits my body shape, a dress that will flatter my figure. That’s the most important thing to me. There is no point in buying or wearing a dress that isn’t the right cut for you. I also like the bold prints and colourful patterns, they really scream out summer to me!

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Virtue or Vanity - This Alice In Wonderland inspired skirt is handmade of silk & satin

When it comes to picking skirts, I love to pick ones I can wear around my waist and ones that are floaty, they have that 60s feel to them. I got this little skirt from a girl who designs her own, Virtue or Vanity. It was inspired by Alice In Wonderland and it’s hand made. It’s made of silk and satin and it’s got the perfect feel to it for summer but it can work for the colder weather as well since it’s darker. Looking for skirts is actually something I find quite easy, they are an easy item of clothing to find and there will always be a shape to flatter your body. Plus, it means you get to wear great shoes which people can see clearly. Wearing floaty skirts like this really does make me feel girly. They are also very versatile, you can wear them to any occasion and still fit in!

Paige Denim Shorts - Jimmy Jimmy in Tigerlily - love the wash!

As for denim shorts, these are definitely one of my go to’s for running errands and being out when it’s windy. You never get the issue of your dress or skirt blowing up when you wear denim shorts. This particular pair is a pair of Paige Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Tigerlily which I picked up a few weeks ago. I had been eyeing them online for a while at Shopbop and I was a bit put off with the price, I find shorts are harder for me to spend a lot of money on as I don’t get to wear them often, but I bit the bullet and bought them. The wash was really what caught my eye and I knew they would be comfortable because Paige jeans always are. Wearing these shorts really makes me feel good because they fit so well and I could even sleep in them, they are that comfortable. I do find the brand very important when it involves denim shorts. I always pick a brand that I know is flattering and a premium denim brand because they will be made really well. I do like to try out the new trends with denim shorts as they are fun to play with and are very versatile as well!   To see more of my outfit choices including skirts, dresses and denim shorts as well as everything else fashion, please check out my personal style and fashion blog

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Lorna is the editor and writer of and is very passionate about denim! She has lived in England all of her life and although she absolutely loves the countryside and seeing endless fields, she does wish it could be sunnier here a lot of the time. She's very jealous of you lucky LA readers who live in the sunshine almost everyday. As long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a designer. She has even designed a pair of jeans for a new denim company called Prima Jeans and she has done a collaboration with Paige Premium Denim as well! She aspires to have her own denim brand (which is her goal) or be a fashion designer or write for a real fashion magazine.

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