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Jules Kim of Bijules ‘Jumps Outside All Boundaries’

Jules Kim designs jewelry that you’ve never seen before and that you could never dream up either.  Her creations include elf ears, one-finger bar rings in 14K vermeil or resin, blinged-out pinkie nail rings, and most recently her spring 2012 jetsetter stackable rings.

Jules Kim, Designer of Bijules, creates edgy jewelry for special women

Always one to step out, no wait, jump outside of the boundaries, Jules Kim will win you over with her designs and her charm.  From the minute I walked up to her, I was awestruck by the stature that she silently commanded. Founder and designer of Bijules NYC, Jules Kim designs for the woman who lives freely and for self-expression.

Notable among top celebrity circles by the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Shakira, this is definitely a woman to look out for.  In Rihanna’s newest video “We Found Love” you will see her hands are adorned in Bijules!  We caught up with Jules to talk “it” items of the season, engagements (but not her own), and how she spends her free time.

Jules Kim of Bijules

nubry: Briefly describe a day as Jules Kim.

Jules: A day in the life of me can vary from calm to realllly crazy. i have just gotten off a plane from nyc to lax and will show in a matter of hours at a tradeshow here in downtown la. last week i was in paris showing the new pieces to ss2012 buyers. it went really well and i am excited to launch a refreshing look into bijules jewelry. i have not slept in two days but its ok because i know that my work will be fun and action packed tomorrow. i normally wake with an apple for breakfast and an uber strong expresso. then its straight into stylist appointments and factory visits…private consultations and hopefully more of my peers keep getting engaged!!!! i made 2 engagement rings last week, one of which was my twin sister!  My days are normally a lot of adminsitrative details mixed with the need to interact with people… you do not get far without the love and support of a community.

nubry: How did you come up with your “elf ear”?

Jules: I wanted to create a piece of jewelry for the ear which was not an earring. something whcih did not pierce through the flesh, but accentuated the existence of the ear. i felt that the ear had an original anatomical shape and i should take advantage of it and avoid recycling the standard definition of an earring. the weight of the piece itself and the ball detail holds the ear tip in place. now i have created a concept that can be altered every season into new shapes and derivations! i do this with all of my original creations such as the bar ring, the nail ring, and the bony knuckle ring.

Her stackable "Jetsetter" rings will be all the craze next season! The blinged-out pinkie nail ring is one of her bestsellers.

nubry: How many Jetsetter rings are too many?

Jules: Well for me, there is never too many. i live to travel. i gain so much life experience, amazing relationships, and strong inspiration from it!

nubry: When you’re not working, what are you doing?

Jules: Breathing…haha, no- i kid- i love to be with my friends. they are my family…i like to work out and be active and look at beautiful things from fabric to stones to running water to faces.

nubry:  What’s your favorite spot in New York?

Jules: My bed. i love the lower east side. i ride my bike everywhere and i feel at home downtown!

Jules loves to travel and plans to expose her work in many more communities following the debut of her creative fashion film "Amasia"

nubry: What’s next for you?

Jules: Jeeeeeez. whats not next?!  tomorrow i launch my fashion film, amasia, at mona moore at 1112 abbot kinney in venice beach, ca. i am finishing market today and look forward to closing my orders for this season and using the beautiful film, exclusively on italian vogue, to gain opportunities to travel more and expose my work to more communities!








Make sure to watch Rihanna’s brand new video “We Found Love” to get a look at Bijules on Rihanna’s hands (video below)!  Jules is also premiering her creative fashion film “Amasia” featured in Italian Vogue this evening, October 12th, from 7-10pm at 1112 Abbott Kinney Blvd, Venice CA 90291.  Please RSVP: venice [at]  Click here for more event details.

Featuring the bedazzled pinkie finger ring - worn by Rihanna!

Jules Kim's hands adorned in her most popular and favorite ring candy


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