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Missoni x Target – Ooh La laa!

Margherita Missoni wearing Missoni x Target

The day has finally arrived! The much anticipated September 13th is here! Finally a memorable September date with something positive behind it! Missoni for Target hit the shelves at store openings across the states yesterday morning. I’ve had this date marked on my calendar since I first heard word of it months ago. I’m sure I’m not the only Target shopper who did the same.

If you aren’t familiar with Missoni, the family company was founded in 1953 and has stood out in the fashion industry for it’s colors and well known ‘zig zag’ print. The price tag for an authentic Missoni item is pretty high up there, and that’s why yesterday was so exciting for us budget friendly fashionistas. Dresses at $49.00 and cosmetic bags at $10.00 – with the classic Missoni prints and orange labels – give us the taste of luxury without the price tag.

I lucked out with NO OPENING LINES, entering the store around 8am. Surprisingly, I was the first one in the Missoni section, but shortly thereafter, women began flocking in and skimming through the racks to find their sizes. Reports were later made that Target’s website had crashed due to traffic overload. Many tweeters were extremely disappointed that they had to fight their way to a few cups and notepads that were left over.

If you didn’t get a chance to get your hands on a Missoni x Target piece, don’t stress! I’ve found several items on eBay for sale, but as you may know, many women flocked to stock up specifically for profits.  Nevertheless, the high prices will soon come down asthe excitement calms. I’m hoping that Target restocks several times more! Is this possible?


My Missoni x Target Purchases:

I picked several reasonable items even though I was going a little Missoni crazy; I had to keep in mind what I’d actually wear. My first choice was a blue dress that I saw online before the collection was released for $54.99. I can’t wait to transfer this dress to fall with leggings and boots!

Missoni x Target Blue Zig Zag Dress

Next, I turned around and saw this to-die-for mini skirt! It’s great quality with thick, soft fabric! I saw Margherita Missoni (current owner of Missoni) wearing this skirt, in blue, in a magazine I picked up recently. I knew I had to have it! I also picked up a sweater that she’s seen wearing with a sheer front and a gorgeous blue, yellow, and purple print! I’ll probably be wearing these two pieces together for a fun match up!

Missoni x Target Ziz Zag Skirt

Missoni x Target Multicolored Zig Zag and Stripey V-Neck Sweater

Next up:  accessories! Look at this great infinity wrap scarf that I’m going to wear just about everyday! And a simple black makeup case, which I needed anyways, so I’m glad I held out for Missoni x Target. And lastly, I grabbed this chic little notepad set! Just what I needed for writing down interviews when I’m covering for Nubry! Hey, gotta stay chic!

Missoni x Target Zig Zag Infinity Wrap / Scarf

Missoni x Target Makeup Bag

Missoni x Target Notepad Set - now I'm reporting "designer style" 🙂

Did you get your hands on any of the Missoni x Target items? I hope you did! Share with us – we’d love to hear! Tweet us your pics @Nubry with hashtag #MissoniForTarget and we’ll tweet back!

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  2. Gretchen Hackmann

    I agree! Great run-through of your Missoni x Target experience Sarah! Wish I had scored that sweater and skirt too…love the scarf…the bikes look ridic! WOWOW!!


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