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My #FNO Must-Have: Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski – Celebrity Host For Fashion’s Night Out: Chicago

All day at work I was looking forward to Chicago’s FNO.  I mean, what could be better than shopping, cocktails, and Rachel Zoe’s Ex-Stylish, Brad Goreski?  As it was finally time to hop into a cab and head over to The 900 North Michigan Shops, I was suddenly bombarded by Chicago wind and drizzle – not good for the hair!


Luckily, I made it to Fame, Fashion, and Flavor: 900′s Night Out early so I could head into the Beauty Bazaar and get a touch-up.  Paris from Mario Tricoci took great care of me (us blondes have to stick together)!  My hair looked much better in no time!

Fashion’s Night Out: Fame, Fashion, & Flavor!

At the Beauty Bazaar: Paris from Mario Tricoci blowing out my blonde locks!

Now that my hair was in order, I was ready for all of the events.  In the TZAR VIP Ultra Lounge I sipped on a cocktail while planning out my evening.  I couldn’t believe how crowded it was getting! The energy was amazing and seeing everyone decked out in their cute outfits was so nice.

900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago for Fashion’s Night Out

Sipping a cranberry cocktail in the Tzar Ultra VIP Lounge

Then, I headed over to the fashion show where Brad Goreski was making his introduction.  Perched high above the crowd, it was impossible for me to get to him!  The fashion show was cool, but too short.  Recommendations for next year: slow the models down & add music to the runway show.

Runway Show at 900 North Michagan Shops

After the show, I spotted Corri McFadden in the crowd.  Corri founded e-Drop Off in Chicago – a luxury consignment shop. She was filming her reality show for vH1. I loved her purple sequin dress!

Corri McFadden – Founder of e-Drop Off in Chicago – filming reality TV show for VH1

Gucci – Green Fox Fur Shrug – Not in my Budget!!!

I have a little confession to make…I really, really wanted to meet Brad – he being so cute in his red jacket, but with the crowds it was impossible to get to him!  But then, fortunately, I quickly became sidetracked, as I heard Gucci softly calling my name.

Of course I had to follow. There, I met David, who was absolutely fantastic! He helped me try on a gorgeous green fox-fur shrug.  Unfortunately, the Gucci fox fur shrug will not be accommodated by my budget this year 🙁

But there is good news!  I also looked at an awesome trilby hat in teal and I ended up getting it! It is absolutely perfect for my fall wardrobe – a real statement piece and a great investment.  (I was actually trying it on this morning, but don’t worry, I didn’t wear it with my animal print skirt today.)  I can’t get enough of it!  I am absolutely obsessed with the feather detail!

My new Gucci trilby in teal – LOVING IT!

I can’t believe how fast the night went by!   Idea for next year: Fashion’s Weekend Out.  There are just so many other events that I would have loved to check out, but there simply wasn’t enough time! Can you imagine how fun it would be if events were going on the entire weekend?

All in all, Chicago’s FNO was definitely a night to remember and a great kick-off to the fall season!

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