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New Love & Job For Lindsay Lohan

Over the past couple years, Lindsay Lohan has been the main target for gossip throughout tabloids and celebrity-obsessed websites. I’m going to assume that you are all well aware of her troubles with addiction and unemployment. But, alas!  This is no longer the dire situation for the bleach blonde actress because German designer and multimillionaire, Philipp Plein, has snagged her for his latest clothing campaign.

Lindsay Lohan poses with newbie designer Philipp Plein

No, not Phillip Lim, which is who I initially thought of since I’d never heard of this newbie designer.  Lindsay skipped her community service to fly out to Lake Como, Bellagio in Italy for the weekend. Her set for the photo shoot was depicted by beautiful ascent staircases above a large body of water, Italian trees, and clear blue skies. During the shoot, Lindsay was seen wearing a beautiful white leopard-print, floor-length gown with jewel detail as well as a very patriotic ensemble that consisted of a cropped, chain detail, red leather jacket paired with some matching red sky scraper heels.

Behind the scenes, Philipp Plein and his team of stylists prepared Lindsay for the camera. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Philipp and Lindsay may in fact be “hooking up”, as Lindsay has spent each night behind closed doors in you-know-who’s room…

Lindsay skipped out on community service to attend her photo shoot in Italy

Lindsay speaks about the newbie designer, Philipp Plein, in Milan Italy

Philipp Plein and his group of stylists get Lindsay ready for her photo shoot

Lindsay for Philipp Plein wearing his red patriotic outfit

Philipp Plein walks Lindsay across the dock in Bellagio, Italy during her photo shoot

She also attended Philipp Plein’s show as a “special guest” during Milan Fashion Week. LiLo has been seen in Italy wearing none other than Plein’s designs, as if she has been a fan of the designer for many years.

Lindsay is Philipp Plein’s “special guest” during Milan Fashion Week

Lindsay admitted she only just met Plein this past Friday (9/23/11 ) and hadn’t seen a single thread of his clothing until the next day.  She must love everything she sees! Bravo Plein!!!



“Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality”

says Plein, during a press conference this past weekend.

Things are really looking up for Lindsay, as she seemed very well-welcomed during Milan Fashion Week, compared to how she was treated during NYFW after all the drama.  We’ve heard that she’s striving to gain a European fan base, so hopefully this is just the start of Lindsay’s comeback!  Personally, I hope it is… I love her style and I think she’s talented if she puts in the effort and shows up to work on time.  Another hope of mine is that she STOPS with the lip injections!  Overly bloated lips are not cool, especially if it causes you to age 3x the speed of a typical 25 years young female. Oh well, Viva La Lohan!

Lindsay sits front row center at Philipp Plein during MFW


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