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Painful High Heels: How To Prevent The Valentino Rockstud Ouch

How often do we look at those fabulous Valentino Rockstud high heels or other beautiful stiletto’s that we just had to buy, but then immediately afterwards cringe at the thought of wearing them for longer than 30 minutes?  Well, that notion of high heel pain is all about to change thanks to the new revolutionary breakthrough pain relieving spray called Still Standing.

still standing foot spray - foot pain

How To Prevent Stiletto Pain…

Before you slide on those stiletto’s you’ve been dreaming about wearing, generously spray the top, side, and bottom of each foot and allow the areas to dry before slipping into your high heels and for the next 1.5 to 4 hours, you’re not only looking amazing while walking around in your fav stiletto’s, you’re also feeling pretty darn amazing as well, physically speaking.

SHOP These Heels: Valentino Rockstud Sandals

We’ve all had that moment where the pain of our stilettos was too great to bare and thus had to remove our pretty Valentino Rockstud heels on the walk to the car and in some cases before the night was over.  Don’t be that girl anymore!  This patent-pending formula has organic arnica, aloe, and ilex to aid in your foot pain prevention.  The order comes with a 6oz bottle and a purse size spray for touch ups on the go. The set of large and the mini travel size retail for $27.99 or four mini travel size bottles for $19.99.

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