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Should You Wake Up For Marni At H&M Tomorrow? #MarniAtHM

March 8, 2012 marks the release of Marni at H&M. With so many designer collaborations and the treks, early mornings, late nights, weather, and unexpected events to go along with obtaining the coveted pieces on the first day, we pondered, “Should we wake up for Marni at H&M?”

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Should You Wake Up For Marni At H&M?

There are a few considerations as to whether you should wake up for this once in a lifetime event and we’ve gone ahead and listed them below for you. Hopefully our 8 pointers will indeed help you to determine whether you will wake up for Marni at H&M on Thursday!

Not to stress you out, but just think, people are already lining up! How bad do you want it? Tweet us @nubry using #MarniatHM.

1. Weather: It is cold in most parts of the country especially during early hours of the morning. Even if your H&M is inside a mall, they may not open their doors for sleeping bag carrying customers…

2. Keep your hands to yourself: It may be early for you, but do not be crabby! Fights in line are unpleasant for those involved and uncomfortable for onlookers.

3. Exciting things happen in line: In case you forgot, Versace for H&M and Lanvin for H&M experiences are documented!

4. Call in Sick to Work: Will you call in sick to work because this collaboration is on Thursday? Normally they are on Saturdays…the other option is to go to work late and feel exhausted all day long after your all night wait!

5. How early?: Every collaborations urges people to start waiting in line earlier and earlier. Starting to wait at 5am will not get you anything in some cities. Waiting at midnight the night before could mean slim pickings!

6. Sleeping til 6am: Do not show up at 6am and act surprised that the line is around the block. It’s better to miss the game than show up late!

7. Do you have cash?: If you do not like lines, you can pay someone to wait in line for you. I heard rates for squatting are going up!

8. Do you like the collection: Of course you like the collection! Everyone has coveted the “dot” pattern for years and the mixed prints and the thought of being in Marrakesh, Morocco is enough to say the collection is worthy.

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