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Snow Bunny Tips: 16 Fabulous Things To Always Have In Your Ski Jacket

There are certain things I do to be a good snow bunny, like never forgetting to stuff my ski jacket pockets with fabulous things before going out skiing.  Your ski jacket has many wonderful pockets designed to hold your essentials, thank goodness for us snow bunnies!  How many times have you forgotten something while out skiing and its just too much of a hassle to go back and get it? Umm, me! If you forget your gloves, then you have to buy a new pair at the ski shop, but if you forget your Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in “Aventure”, meant only for snow bunnies, well then chances are, you’re not going to be able to pop into the ski shop and purchase the forgotten beauty must-have! What will a snow bunny do without her hot pink lips?

A snow bunny thinks of her ski jacket as her handbag – its all she’s got with her!  So, whether you are skiing Telluride, Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole, Tahoe, Squaw, Mammoth, Park City, Whistler, Stowe, Loon, St. Anton, Courcheval, or wherevs, our insider snow bunny tips will all apply!  If you want to know what to wear skiing, see What Do Jetsetters, Socialites, Celebs and Paris Hilton Wear in Snowy Aspen.   Wondering what’s in my ski jacket pockets? Below, I’ve revealed my deep snow bunny secrets about the 16  fabulous things always found in my ski jacket pockets.  Which of these items do you also have in your pockets or what do you recommend that’s not in my pockets?

Editor’s Note – print this list of snow bunny deep pocket secrets and always keep it in your ski jacket pocket as a checklist.  You know a good snow bunny would do no less…


16 Fabulous Things A Snow Bunny Always Has In Her Ski Jacket

Find out what fabulous things are in the ski jacket pocket of a snow bunny…

1. Lip balm or Chapstick: Always have a lip protectant to keep your lips moisturized.

2. Lipstick: Yes, you need a lip color as well.  Photo opportunities come up a lot while skiing and you don’t want to look pale, you want to look like a snow bunny! Everyone on the gondola wants my lipstick… a hot pink lipstick is always my go-to color on the slopes. I wear Dior Rouge – Star Fuschia.

3. Hand cream: Always bring a trial size hand cream.  There is always at least one time during the day when you will long for hand cream. Your friends will love some too!

4. Face moisturizer: I always bring a trial size face moisturizer like a mini La Mer tub for when my face gets dry.

5. Concealer: Cle de Peau concealer stick is a must on days when you have a blemish. You don’t want it to show and with your garter rubbing your face or the wind, concealer will save you from them showing through. If you think this is excessive, you will thank me later.  Many girls in Aspen just dress up in ski clothes for the Little Nell apres ski and don’t actually ski…their makeup will look flawless.  Trust me a little concealer goes a long way!

6. Credit Card: A credit card gets you anything at the lodge.

7. Cash: Always have cash on you, because you never know when the waffle hut takes cash only…you can rely on your hot pink pout, but just in case.

8. ID: In order to get a lift pass, you normally need your ID. You also need it for apres ski adult drinks ;)

9. Cell Phone: Duh! …but keep it in an interior pocket so you don’t lose it or get it wet in the event of a fall.

10. Cell Phone Charger: Yes, i always bring a charger because the poor service on a mountain drains a battery very quick.  When your phone dies, a snow bunny must always be prepared.

11. Hand Warmers: Even if I do not put hand warmers in my gloves immediately in the morning, it is always a good idea to have them with you in the case it is a very cold day.

12. Hair Accessories: For apres ski, you want your hair to resemble the hair of a snow bunny.  Bring a pretty soft headband, a fur head band, or a sparkly hair tie to make your hair pretty after you are done skiing.

13. Gum: Always bring gum or mints for fresh breath!

Skiing Packing List For Ski Day: 16 Things I Never Forget In My Jacket

14. Ski pass: This is an important one especially when you are switching ski jackets.  You always want to make sure you have emptied your pockets from a previous day so that you do not forget important things like a ski pass in a different jacket.

15. Nail file: A mini nail file is always something I bring. Nothing worse that a nail needing filed!

16. Advil: Bring a few in the sad event that a hangover sets in…a snow bunny can’t risk being hungover.

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