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Stephanie Pratt Departs Mercer Hotel In Beau’s Ferrari Wearing Comfy Outfit

We were really pleased to see Stephanie Pratt back in the media yesterday, albeit for scandalous reasons – her hipster boyfriend, Julien Chabbott, got into an altercation with the NYPD after allegedly mashing? the cop’s foot while attempting to ticket Chabbot’s Ferrari 458 Spider (which appears to be properly parked in The Mercer Hotel’s Valet parking spot out front). We’re not saying the cop didn’t have it coming to him, as he appears actually to mash his own foot under the quarter of a million dollar red car, but if we do dare say Mr. Chabbott looked quite fashionable in his electric purple Ralph Lauren Purple Label cashmere cardi (similar here) and high top Supra sneakers (similar here) while interacting with the heated NYPD.

Anyways, we are more interested in Stephanie Pratt’s Saturday evening ensemble that she wore to the Mercer Hotel in Soho, NY.  Looking casual, cool, and comfy in a flowy gray printed top and short black shorts accompanied by a mint Balenciaga, flip flops, and high bun, Stephanie Pratt gets the award for hanging out in style.  We love that she appears to have put little effort into her outfit and that she appears super natural.  By the way, did we mention model skinny?

All in all, Stephanie Pratt looks great and this whole Ferrari mashing experience with her beau and the NYPD will quickly subside so we can all get back to oohing and aweing over her laid-back SoCal inspired outfits that she’s brought all the way over to the East Coast.  Clearly Steph loves her casual outfit as she appears to have worn it exactly 3 years ago while shopping in Soho.  Julien also prefers his purple cardigan, as he was spotted sportin this buttondown sweater at The Rose Bar in The Gramercy Park Hotel back in 2008.  Bravo on choosing timeless pieces the both of you! Like Stephanie’s look? Get her stylish look below.

Leave a comment below and tell us how you chill in style at the Mercer Hotel or the like. What are your thoughts on this whole mashing foot situation?

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SHOP STEPHANIE’S TANK: Babakul Alivia Razor Back Tank


love Stephanie’s mint Balenciaga!

SHOP STEPHANIE’S SHORTS: See By Chloe Boxing Shorts in Black

hair tied back in cute bun

Julien Chabbott wearing Ralph Lauren Purple Label Cardigan and Supra Sneakers

Pratt wore the same outfit 3 years ago while shopping in Soho.

Chabbott was spotted wearing this Ralph Lauren Purple Label cardigan 4 years ago at The Rose Bar in The Gramercy Park Hotel, NY.


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