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Style Tip: Wear Faux Fur This Winter

It’s no secret that leopard and animal prints are the spots to carry, but sometimes it can be tough to imagine yourself wearing a luscious fur coat adorned in a poor animal’s prints.  Our solution? Choose faux! This way, no one can hate and you’ll feel just as luxe.  Plus, there are many affordable options available to us that look so real.  This winter, wear your favorite faux animal and turn any outfit into a head turning opportunity!

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Below, we show you a fun way to mix prints by combining a faux lynx coat with snakeskin printed leggings.  For further fun, we’ve accessorized with furry white rabbit earmuffs and a watersnake clutch by Alexander Mcqueen.

How To Wear A Faux Fur Lynx Coat This Winter:


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SHOP THIS EAR MUFF: Michael Kors Faux Fur Ear Muff

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SHOP THIS CLUTCH: Alexander McQueen – De-Manta Faithful Clutch

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11 Responses

  1. jennellekia

    very lovely! i just bought a faux fur jacket the other day and i’m very excited to wear it. Do you think a jacket like this would be too mature for a 16 year old ?(speaking for myself) xo

  2. childrens snow boots

    Try individual fit muffs featuring several independent adjustment points if you are not sure about the necessary size. They also have soft pads and wide headbands which make them really comfortable to wear.


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  4. Patriciabetty

    I think it all looks fucking stupid Fashion is stupid and anyone who wears  fur, real or false is totally stupid The former is evil and cruel the latter just looks ridiculous

  5. Melissa

    I have those booties, and they look so lovely on you. (I also have ink since I could not decide upon a color – why not get both, right?) Also loving the faux fur, it’s so cozy and looks luxurious.


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