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Unique Celebrity Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years

Halloween is right around the corner, but do you have your costume figured out?  To inspire you, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the best celebrity get-ups over the years. From Alexa Chung’s elegant French queen, Marie Antoinette, to Sofia Vergara’s Angry birds, A-listers sure do know how to part-ay in costume.  And by the way, ladies, you do not need to be slutty in order to have an amazing Halloween costume.  Just look at supermodel Heidi Klum!

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Heidi has been known for rocking amazing Halloween garb over the years, from complete body suits to blue Indian goddesses, and hairy monkeys, this model mommy has a knack for detail and a vivid imagination.  Celebs have even been known to dress as other celebs, such as Matt Lauer, who dressed as Paris Hilton in 2004. And, we have to say, he did a pretty good job at portraying the socialite –> little doggie, blonde wig, and pink, pink, pink. Paris Hilton, much?

Of course, film characters are another idea. Vampire Diaries stunner, Nina Dobrev, dressed up as Harry Potter‘s Hermoine for Halloween in 2011 and didn’t stop at the ensemble…Dobrev even channeled the character’s hairdo.  Brownie points!  Elle Fanning went as Mary Poppins with umbrella and bird.  Celebs also show up on Halloween as things, such as kelly Osbourne who dressed as eggs and her ex-beau as bacon, and Kim Kardashian who partied at Lavo NIghtclub in Las Vegas as poison ivy.

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Look through the images below to see more of our favorite Halloween costumes of all time and leave a comment below with your top look. What are you going to be dressing up for this year on October 31st?  Tweet us @nubry with a picture or post a pic on our facebook page on Wednesday and your costume might be featured on Nubry.

10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes In Past Years:

Alexa Chung dressed up as the French queen Marie Antoinette for 2008 Halloween.


‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara dressed as technology-inspired Angry Birds for Halloween 2011, and tweeted this photo.


Supermodel Heidi Klum covers herself in an anatomic bodysuit at her 12th Annual Halloween Party at Tao Nightclub at The Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Heidi Klum dressed as the Indian goddess Kali for Halloween 2008.


Heidi Klum and ex-husband Seal dressed as monkeys for their annual Halloween Bash in NYC, 2011.

Matt Lauer (as Paris Hilton) appearing on the NBC Today show Halloween special as Paris Hilton


Nina Dobrev from ‘Vampire Diaries’ dressed a ‘Harry Potter’ character Hermoine for Halloween 2011.

Dakota Fanning’s sister, Elle, dressed as Disney’s classic Mary Poppins for Halloween 2005.

In 2009, Kelly Osbourne and her former beau Luke Warrall dressed as eggs and bacon for Halloween.


Kim Kardashian dressed as Poison Ivy for the Midori Green Halloween party at Lavo in NYC, 2011.


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