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Wear Colorful Plastic Sunglasses For On-The-Go Summer Days

Having to get dressed fast on a summer morning, while still looking fresh and ready to take on the day, is a breeze with a pair of bright colored, plastic framed sunglasses.  On those days when you have to be out the door in under 10 minutes and need instant spark, grab for a light pink lip gloss and colorful plastic sunnies with attitude.  A pair of these fun and irresistible sunnies will go equally well with neutral outfits as with outfits covered in bright floral prints.

Below, we’ve styled a pair of translucent purple acetate sunglasses with serpentine temples by Lumete.  Being so versatile, we show them twice – first with a silk floral skirt and colorful knit sweater top and second with a neutral colored dress – so you can see how fun this movie star accessory really is!  Leave a comment below and tell us your what your favorite pair of sunglasses looks like for summer.

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